Saturday, 4 December 2010

Pearl Lowe Peacocks 'Honey' Dress

It occurred to me that I never finished my Pearl Lowe/Peacocks dress haul. This one, Honey, because it's lighter managed to photograph reasonably ok considering the lack of lighting lately, so there's no additional video with this.
Again this dress is polyester, crepe like, off white (or winter white), fitted and sits on the knee if I remember correctly. The skirt section is lined and the dress is covered with black lace bow details.
Some people have complained that there are just too many bows on the dress-they go around the neckline, down the centre front and on the sleeves along with the detachable black lace bow belt (which fastens with hooks). Personally, they don't bother me, but this dress is probably my least favourite overall out of the three I bought. Purely because it's white and I feel very self conscious in it. I've only tried it on once in a hurry (to see if it fitted), so I'd maybe need to play around with a slip underneath and a cardi (although I'm not keen to cover all the bows) and maybe then I'll feel more comfortable. I was exactly the same with the white and coloured polka dot one from the summer range-just because I'm not used to wearing light colours and it's probably not the most flattering on my figure.
I wish the fastening of the belt could have been hidden behind the bow, because it's noticeable when it didn't need to be. The belt was very tight on me and sits higher than the low waisted seam on the dress which you may recall I had issues with even from the preview photos.
There's nice tucks and seaming around the dress for the perfect fit (although my boobs are so big, it's all kinda hidden on me anyway)!
I love the fabric covered buttons up the back, it's a really nice touch to make the dress feel of better quality. There is a concealed zip fastening in the side of the dress though to aid getting on and off. I have this little test that I do with dresses these days to avoid that dreaded feeling you get when you think you're completely stuck in a dress in the fitting rooms. Trust me I've been there dozens of times! If I can't get the dress on without opening the zip, I don't go any further. If it's a struggle to get on with the zip closed, but you manage, you know you have that extra help of being able to unzip it, to get out. Whereas if you struggle with the zip open to get it on, you'll struggle even more to get it off, because your shoulder area always stretches larger when trying to pull a dress off over your shoulders by yourself. Just a little tip from someone who's had visions of having to get the sales assistant to cut me out or seeing me in my underwear while she pulls, so this fixes that!


  1. Hi,Princess!
    It's my first time to comment on you blog.
    I'm a massive fan of Pearl Lowe dresses. I've bought this Honey and the Cherry one from this season.
    Yeah, The bows on the dress are absolutely lovely, I think. I don;t think it's too many.
    But I haven't had a chance to wear this dress,yet since the weather has been bad and it is freezing at the moment, isn't it? (I'm in Newcastle.)

    I love your blog. I think your shoes collection is absolutely wonderful!

  2. Thanks for taking the time to comment Allison! Yeah, definitely not been the weather for that dress! I think I'll get much more wear out of Cherry, a classic!


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