Wednesday, 15 December 2010

HL Wicked Style Set Info

Ok, latest news on the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style gift sets (£60) are-they should be instore now. They are exclusive to Debenhams (currently not available online) and feature all five new fragrances in 10ml form with shiny heads (no fuzzy hair like the larger sizes). Two weeks ago my parents were in Glasgow and I asked them to check there for me. The salesperson they spoke to was very nice and said they expected a delivery so would phone when it came in. They ended up spending 3 hours in the shop and long story short, still came home empty handed.
When I spoke to the girls in the Dundee a couple of months ago, they had no idea what I was talking about. They said there would be no gift set or gwp with the larger bottles for at least the next 3 months. They were very nice and I didn't argue, but I was pretty sure Dundee would get the set at some point. Fast forward to this week and my sister was in Glasgow, stalking the shelves of Debenhams yet again! She said they only had one bottle of Wicked Style left-'G' (and by yesterday even that had gone) and they were forced to put the summer versions back on the shelves! The set had been long overdue (was supposed to be available early December), delayed due to the weather (getting annoying now, especially as the snow has gone, but the backlog remains). She said Glasgow would be getting only 24 sets and that the lady had been telling everyone this (a lot of people have been asking for it), she would not be keeping any aside, so it was first come, first served. Cue more, panicked stalking from my sister and the delivery came in at around 3pm yesterday. She got a set for herself and one for me and said they were still cold to touch as they had literally come off the van outside-that's dedication for you! She said it didn't even look like there were 24 sets from what she could see, so I don't know if there will be any left now.

Beauty and fragrance currently has 10% off instore, so it's best to try and snap up this coffret now for £54 and remember to use your beauty rewards card (although I'm still never very convinced of how it works unlike the Boots advantage one). I'll try and take pictures later in the week, but suffice to say it's adorable.
Also I noticed this on River Island today. They say the last day to order for guaranteed Christmas delivery is today for Scotland, but Monday for the rest for the country! Seriously, they're acting like we're on another planet entirely. Or maybe they're just being super cautious with the threat of impending snow later...bit miffed with that though, I mean I could probably walk to/from England in that time!

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  1. I'm glad to hear you managed to track one down..i always find it a little frustrating when i ask one of the shops in my town whether they will get something in soon, and they tell me "we've never heard of that!" or "we don't make those"..and then there it is two wks later ;S


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