Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Girls Rule

Having two nephews ('currently', heehee), means I don't really get to splurge on clothing for them because without a hint of bias, boys clothes are crap in comparison to the stuff you get for little girls! My friend has a beautiful daughter, Saoirse, so I get free reign on anything girly and cute. When she was born I bought almost the entire range of Hello Kitty clothes from H&M and every birthday and Christmas (and sometimes in between because I spot something I really like), I look forward to being able to choose from a wide selection for her.
I was super impressed with this beautiful collection in Next, which I would name 'Parisian Chic'. It was mostly navy and cream with splashes of lime green (a surprisingly stunning combination), with lots of stripes, polka dots and handbag prints (melt). I could not resist this grey cord dress (above) for her, with it's adorable handbag design. Look at how it looks like she's wearing a bag over her dress, so cute! The details are fabulous, each button is different and it even came with thick tights with handbags all over them! I'm not usually a fan of denim but there were these gorgeous culottes and this spotty top (below, top) which I really wanted to get for her Christmas, but they didn't have her size. The culottes were so tailored and chic. Had I seen this coordinating coat (middle), I probably would have purchased that to go with her dress too.
They have another amazing collection just now featuring cat prints. Half the range is very Miu Miu esque with elongated kitties in grey, pink and blue. I had to be talked out of buying the dress (below) for her, because she probably wouldn't get much wear out of it, I however would love both of these outfits for myself! A couple of items below that are part of the other cat collection, which is a bit more 'kiddy' in my eyes, but still adorable! And how much do I need those cat tights in my life?
For Christmas though I went to Boots and bought her these cord shorts and coordinating floral top. It just seemed a little bit different and her Mum is definitely one of a kind, so I thought she'd approve. Saoirse has the most beautiful red hair, so I'm always careful to pick colours that will flatter rather than clash.


  1. awww so cute! I have a little niece who will be 2 in February, who is a complete diva btw haha she already likes shoes and handbags (and Dora lol)! My sister in law has good taste in clothing so the little princess always looks good...I reeeeeeally like the cat dress with the big bow but it's sold out and SO EXPENSIVE jeez might be kinda better it's sold out lol

  2. omg how much do i share your desire for some of those cat tights?!

    i love girls' clothes, always so so cute - i don't really have any little girls to buy for tho :S

  3. Marlein, my boys love Dora too! The wee one wants a baby doll+pram for his Christmas...I'm for it, if that's what he wants (don't think his Dad is so keen though). Both boys seem to be obsessed with my shoes etc, don't know if it's because I'm nothing like my sister, so they love the glitter and fancy stuff! The 4 year old told me at the weekend to go onto the website for 'christmas games', because what I was looking at was stupid-he said 'you'll just be buying shoes anyway'. Cheeky monkey!

    Yeah some of their stuff is quite expensive, think I paid £16 or £17 for the handbag dress, but at least it was something she would get a lot of wear out of, unlike the cat one which was more formal. I'm sure most kids will only wear something like that once or twice before they grow out of it, it's gorgeous though!

    dinoprincesschar-I wish I had more girls to buy for, you feel rather let down when you then go to look at the boys section! I'll probably be bankrupt if my sister ever has a girl-she'll be spoilt rotten! I love everything about those cat tights, the colours, the stripes, I really want them!


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