Monday, 6 December 2010

A Cath Kidston Christmas

I got such a shock this morning when I was (rudely) awakened (by a digger removing snow from the side streets). The snow here was starting to disappear, but another heavy snowfall all morning left thick, deep powdery white stuff over everything. It's stunning when it looks like that, the trees are especially beautiful I think. Anyway, Christmas isn't far away at all now and I'm pretty organised (only have 1 person left to buy for, 14 got). My Mum is a massive, massive Cath Kidston fan, well I love her stuff too actually. Mum treated herself to some of the new Christmas range and I thought it was all so pretty, it deserved to be photographed (this is the first of me getting around to sorting through these images I took in October-and yes, mother really was that organised, with some of her presents wrapped back then)!
Spot ribbon £1.75 per drum (green or red), 20 gift tags in tin £9 and gift wrap £5 per roll.
Set of 3 bell baubles £12, set of 2 wooden tree angels £5, dog decorations £4 each (terrier, Stanley, poodle).
Christmas print napkins £3.50, Christmas Trees half apron £16.00.
They're all lovely! How's your Christmas shopping going? Wrapping and writing cards is my job for this week!


  1. Yeah, the Cath Kidston xmas stuff is amazing. Have you seen the saddle bags (not xmas, but still..) they're gorgeous- should be right up your street I reckon!

    xxx Maddie

  2. I really love those dog decorations, and the presents all look so nicely coordinated and colourful! :)


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