Friday, 17 December 2010

Soap & Glory Better Than Half Price

Just a quick post to give you a heads up on this fantastic offer at Boots. Remember last year, the Soap & Glory hatbox debacle? Well, I was well prepared for this Big Tote Bag to be Offer Of the Week in Boots this year, that's why up until now I haven't bought it. I also had a feeling Boots would leave it until the last week too and they did. It's a fantabulous £25 down from £60. I got Mum to get me one in St Andrews at 9am and apparently they got 100 in and by that time, 30 had sold! Amazingly, it's still in stock online, so grab a bargain and like me be set up for another year with S&G products!
I also got my Pink 4 Friday MAC lipstick last night-whoopee! I used code survey9 for free delivery too (can't remember if I used all lower case or capital S). I also used this code the other week for Beatrix Marcel Wanders gloss and it worked again, double whoopee!


  1. I got this this morning! I panicked so badly when I realised it was gift of the week, although I did have a sneaky feeling it would be. Although I did go through the drama of the hatbox last year, I was willing to go through it again for this beauty.

    When I got to the shop there were just 3 left, so I grabbed mine and then a woman behind me snapped up the other two up x

  2. That was lucky! I was surprised our shop got 100, seems quite a lot for a smallish shop, although I'm sure they'll sell fast. Yes, I can recall sitting up at midnight last year, refreshing the page and it didn't work for hours, then I got up early and managed to get one, but spent hours trying to go through checkout, nightmare, but worth it as I love Soap&Glory.

  3. Just went to boots for other things at lunch, and they had a LOT of these. They are a good deal, but I managed to refrain, as i kinda can't justify it just for the sake of it..

  4. they sold out of these by 9.10 in the boots by me :(

  5. dinoprincesschar-I managed to get mine off my boots points, so it didn't cost me a thing, muhaha!

    Sarah-that's a pity, at lunchtime my sister reported that my local still had a lot left.

  6. I bagged mine online at 8am though, annoyingly, Boots aren't delivering to Scotland AT ALL anymore so I have to collect them in store. I've only just finished the stuff out last year's box too though so they're well worth it!

  7. I didn't realise they weren't shipping to Scotland at all just now, very annoying!

    I know, I still have loads of stuff from last year and have already bought tonnes of S&G this year, but I'll slowly get through it all!


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