Wednesday, 8 December 2010

My Piece For Peace

It's funny the things you find...rather like googling yourself, it's one of these things that you're probably going to find something you don't like, so probably shouldn't do it. However, I was checking which sites had in the past few months linked to The Shoe Girl Diaries and found this German forum which seems to be an official thread for the discussion and criticism of fashion blogs-more or less an opportunity to bitch.

Now given that I haven't spoken, read or written German in at least 13 years, my grasp of the language isn't quite what it used to be (I was pretty fluent at one stage), so perhaps I have completely the wrong end of the stick. However I think what I have deciphered is that they generally think my shoes are "ugly"! Nice huh?
It begins with Majisha (above), saying something along the lines of, 'she has so many shoes, but never have I seen so many ugly pairs'. Hmmm.
em.kay replies with something about the challenge aspect of the blog and 'having' to do it for the that purpose. Not quite sure if she means I'm wearing ugly shoes because I have to (obviously I bought them in the first place, so why would I buy/wear something I didn't like just for the sake of the challenge?). Then she says 99% of the shoes she'd never wear and something about after so many, they all start to look the same (not sure if she's referring to my shoe collection or hers), because she then says she only buys shoes that she can wear often and will therefore go with lots of outfits (i.e. black, brown, white or grey). So maybe she's just hating on all my wonderful colour! I kinda thought I had a vast range of shoe styles and that there's something to suit everyones taste, other than me never wearing flats (simply, because I can't walk in them).
The next reply I think was referring to another link but was nasty nonetheless "one ugly shoe after another" apparently. Whoever these women are, I suppose they are entitled to their opinion. I'm sure for every girl that hates my shoes, another girl probably loves them or owns them herself, so it's no biggy. I just thought it was a rather rude and unnecessary thing for me to stumble upon, but I'm told I'm overly sensitive at times and some would argue I'm 'putting myself out there' so have to deal with it. My take on it is, if you're interested enough in fashion to be a member of a forum and write about it (and critique others), you'd think you'd have a more open mind to fashion and perhaps be more challenging in your own attire rather than wearing plain black, brown, grey or white shoes all the time. For me, fashion encompasses the whole look, literally head to toe, that's why I'm constantly changing my hair, love wearing makeup and the shoes, jewellery and accessories are all part of an outfit, not just the clothes.
I'm not really sure what the point of that forum or specific thread is. It's not like they are giving constructive criticism, they are just searching for links to share and badmouth and it's just an opportunity to pick on others that are 'different' or don't cater to their tastes and that to me is a form of bullying. Personally, I'm not taking it that seriously, but I've dealt with bullying at every stage of my life and just will not tolerate it anymore. I'm not saying everybody has to like what I like, but setting up a thread for no reason other than to criticise peoples clothing (who you don't even know), seems pointless to me. If you don't like interesting shoes, then don't go looking for shoe blogs (because I don't think you'll like what you find) and certainly don't bother to waste your time writing bad things about it. The whole world needs to learn how to be a little more accepting. Oh and before I get changed for the swimwear round, I'd like world peace too!


  1. The second poster actually says she thinks you'd have to have so many different styles of shoes otherwise they'd get boring and all start to look the same, but still, what business is it of theirs to judge your blog/your shoe collection? Whilst I understand they may not be to everyone's taste I still belong to the school of thought that 'if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all!' Silly forum people.

  2. Gosh that's so rude of them! Your shoes are beautiful, I've fallen in love with every pair xD and I love that they look different, what's the point in boring plain shoes? They're just things you wear on your feet to keep them warm and clean, your shoes are things you wear to look FAB-U-LOUS!!!! <3 <3 <3 Chin up and keep smiling, they seriously have no clue what they're talking about ^^

  3. Ah, thank you for the extra translation, like I said, my German ain't what it used to be! I just can't understand anyone taking the time to bother writing any of that. What does it matter to them what shoes I wear? I'm the same as you on the 'if you have nothing nice to say'...!

  4. Arg, that's so nasty :c I'd hate finding something like that about my blog... I don't love EVERY pair of heels you wear but I still adore the vast majority and I live wearing heels vicariously through you since I can't, hehe c: xx

  5. Pixel Pixie-Awww, thank you : )

    Rai-look at you with your gorgeous new hair colour-love it, super cute! I'm currently sporting 2-3 inch roots because I can't afford more pink dye (not that anyone has seen me as I can't get out in this weather and I could disguise it with a hat anyway). Was hoping to do something different with it this time, either turquoise ends or a few chunky streaks of turquoise, lilac etc.

  6. It's mean to say that about your blog because I love it and wouldn't know about things like irregular choice and pearl lowe without it! I love most of your shoes and admire your taste!!<3

  7. I have spent the last 4 years living in Germany and during that time bought over 20 pairs - only 2 of which were brought over there. I can honestly say that German shoes are the ugliest I have ever seen and so I would take their criticisms as compliments.

  8. Hello!
    I dont understand German so I cant specifically decipher what they said. I have a new policy in life - Some people are going to be mean, nasty and horrible no matter what you do. Who you are is what you believe you are. No one should ever let you change how you feel.
    These people must clearly enjoy dissing blogs - what a waste of time. I think your blogs are awesome and you have an amazing sense of style and fashion. You are unique and those girls are just that a bunch of girls being nasty. Losers!
    Keep blogging and I love your shoes. You are right whats the point in wearing boring shoes any way? :) A BIG HUG for you! x

  9. Ooow, I really wouldn't beat myself up over it, even though I can imagine it's really hurtful to read such things.
    Ok, maybe your style isn't going to always be to everybody's taste, but it shouldn't even have to be anyway! Just be glad you have a style to be proud of, I'm pretty sure those girls/women don't.
    Whenever you stray from the 'flock' (sheeeeeep!), there's always going to be criticism. Those who are normal (and quite boring, probably) will always be nasty about anything that's special.


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