Friday, 1 October 2010

Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa SS11

I've been in a pretty depressive mood these past few days-I wish I would snap out of it. I think I've maybe developed SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)! Seriously, there's only been one day this week when we've had proper daylight and the weather has been dismal: it's cold, dark early at night, dark in the mornings-add to that the fact I haven't been out of the house all week and I really want to just shop the depression away! Don't get me wrong, I don't hate the winter and I'm not one of those people that whine upon seeing Christmas items in the shops already-that part I actually love. Infact if it were all Christmassy with pretty coloured lights indoors and snow outside, I'd be pretty excited! Anyway, I've managed to waste an entire day attempting to cheer myself up by listening to silly songs on YouTube and looking at pretty shoes-as you do.

I stumbled across the new Spring/Summer 2011 shoes from the Vivienne Westwood Anglomania & Melissa collaboration. One word 'wow'! The designs just get stronger each season-I should know I'm on my 5th pair! What I love is that they remain true to the Anglomania label, especially in this new collection, it's easy to spot Westwood characteristics in each style from her shoes past or present. The only difference is they're made from plastic! You'll also notice that for the first time there are no Lady Dragon slingbacks. They're usually my favourite style, but there's plenty more to choose from this time round.
First we have the Elevated 3 strap £115-I'm not as clued up on the colours of these in comparison to the lady Dragon, but I did think they all looked pretty similar to previous seasons (or is that just me?). According to the website though, the blue glitter, gold glitter, midnight (my fave) and green glitter are all new season shades (I'm still not convinced). Then we have a brand new style, a flip flop in red, black or blue £85. The Ultra Girl flats £85, always appeal to me, even although I don't wear pumps. This time the bow is marbled red, blue, green and yellow and they come in black, navy or pink.
Now we get onto the most exciting style I reckon, the Croco £150. I love that they've given a crocodile effect to the plastic, it looks amazing (and very realistic), I'm sure people could be fooled into thinking this is patent leather. The heart shaped buckle is a super cute touch too. The pink pair (below) are a definite must-have for me, they are also available in brown, blue, tan and black.
Then we have the super cool Temptation £180 in black, red or grey (I've also spotted some images of a pinky purpley pair-although they aren't up on the site). The bold straps and extra large pirate style buckles make them unmistakably Westwood. Another fabulous style.
You may note the prices have increased again, quite considerably on the new styles (more than double what you paid for the original range of Lady Dragons). I know some people are put off by the fact they are 'jelly' shoes, but to me it's still an affordable way of owning 'designer' heels and because of that I think they will remain popular.
The baby range (below) £60, also gets a makeover next season with yellow star on black, yellow heart on black and pale pink heart on red. All are available now from Hervia.


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