Tuesday, 5 October 2010

MAC Haul

The blog sale is still ongoing, you can find the links here, part 1, part 2, part 3. Bargain prices, get in fast! Just email me with your requests, putting 'blog sale' in your email title. This morning I made a very quick Venomous Villains order from MAC (I hate feeling 'rushed'). I was really disappointed because the items I wanted the most were sold out already. When did the collection launch? I'm not sure if I missed it last night (I checked the site yesterday morning) or if they literally sold out within minutes today. My sister is going to Glasgow this week so hopefully she'll be able to get them for me.

I wanted the Innocence, Beware! lipstick from Cruella super badly and didn't have the energy to cry when I realised I couldn't get it, so I just swore at the computer screen instead! I'm keeping in character with the evil theme here!! I would also like either Briar Rose (Maleficent) or Oh So Fair (Evil Queen) Beauty Powders...in failing that I'll have to order the Cruella one, Her Own Devices which is the only one still in stock.
I did get Devilishly Stylish liplass (Cruella), Sinister lipstick and Bite Of An Apple blush, both Evil Queen and Dark Deed lippie and Wrong Spell lipglass from Maleficent. I didn't get anything from Dr Facilier...I suppose I could've bought Resort Life Lipgelee, but I don't use tube gloss often enough to justify it. I really wanted to try a couple of the eyeshadows...but decided against them.
By the way, since when did the LE lipsticks and glosses jump up to £13? I'm dreading the VAT increase next year, nightmare! I also got the Gaga Viva Glam gloss to match my lippie. I had the bag in my basket too, but at £20 do I really need it? No! I hardly ever use a bag big enough to put a makeup bag inside anyway, I'm sure it would just gather dust alongside my other pretty but unused cosmetics bags. That little lot still totalled £81, did I miss the press release about me winning the Lotto? I've been spending money lately like it's going out of fashion...more to come on the shoes I've been ordering with my lack of Lotto wins after a quick browse of the Topshop website!


  1. I think the collection was realised yesterday morning sometime because I ordered mine around 12 yesterday afternoon and by the evening some of the stuff was sold out.

  2. Oh I hadn't heard of this before - thanks for the post, I have just been on the website and ordered one of the items as a present for a friend who needs cheering up :)

  3. Abbie-thanks, that's so annoying, I must have been too quick, then got tied up with the blog sale and forgot to check back. I think it's on counters tomorrow, so my sis is going searching for me : ) Did you get anything nice?

    dpc-it's super cute isn't it? That's so sweet, sure we'd all love a friend like you : )


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