Thursday, 21 October 2010

Pearl Lowe Peacocks Christmas Collection

Holy crappola! Look at these images of the new Christmas Pearl Lowe collection for Peacocks! Hot, hot, hot! Will I say it's the best yet? Perhaps, although I'm trying not to get too carried away because I was excited about the last collection, then so disappointed when half of it looked ridiculous on me. You'll see the lace dress that I blogged about ages ago (3rd from left), I'm still ridiculously in love with it and the lace one that Pearl is wearing is gorgeous too-just look at the way the hem hangs. Gothic style lace is always a winner for me!
I also love this white dress that Daisy is wearing although I tend not to wear light colours (not the most flattering on a fatshionista). The thing I'm not sure about though is the seam below the black waist detail. What is it and why is it there? Doesn't look necessary to me (and is a distraction from the pretty parts) and I fear it will just make my stomach look bigger. Plus will my boobies really fit in that little section they're supposed to?
The other dresses shown; the pink has such a lovely fluted hem, not sure how the waist detail will look on me though. The gold metallic dress is a big no-no for me, I'm not a fan of this type of fabric, it just always looks cheap. Are we thinking the leopard print fur coat is in the collection too? Looks cute. Another black tea dress, not all that unlike the long sleeved one from the latest range and finally a gold knitted or crochet style dress. Very 1920's. Again I doubt this will flatter the mega curvy, although it's still pretty. If you can't find your perfect Christmas party dress here, then there's something wrong!


  1. OOH some of these are lovely, would like to see them in real life before deciding, as I must say I've been fairly disappointed by the previous collections, quality-wise..
    Do you knwo when they are available?! :)

  2. I'm not a fan of it unfortunately, and, like you, have definite quality questions. The only one I'm interested in checking out further funnily is the shiny gold one - haha!


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