Tuesday, 12 October 2010

The Jewellery Box Rings

My gorgeous rings arrived yesterday from The Jewellery Box. Even on my rather large hands, the horse spans across almost all my fingers. It's just as beautiful and sparkly and colourful as I expected it to be. A pony fit for Rainbow Brite for sure!
I also got the swan ring, which is slightly smaller, but still makes a statement. I'm super pleased with them and the service is excellent. I'm glad some of you made purchases too, have your parcels arrived? Do you like? There's some cracking new pieces being added to their facebook page, once I have more funds, I'm sure I'll be purchasing some more goodies!


  1. Oh my god! They're gorgeous!!! I am seriously thinking about getting them...not sure what I'll think once on me though. Lol xx

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