Thursday, 30 September 2010

Irregular Choice Shoe Haul

Finally some images of the new shoes I got last week. I was super excited when the parcel eventually arrived (it took a while)-although a little disappointed afterwards. I bought from LetsBuyShoes with whom I've shopped several times before. I know that they have a new website now and that the previous points system (whereby every purchase collected loyalty points which could be used as payment towards a future order) was scrapped. However this was the third order I've placed on the 'new' website and although I was a bit miffed at losing the points I had stored previously, I was happy to see that my new total was gradually increasing or so I thought...
First thing I noticed was that they sent me the wrong colour of Making Moves. I ordered the heart print but was sent this purple suede. Now I actually like them (even with the fact that one of the charms was broken-I can't wear all the charms anyway, because they are too noisy), but I thought I should email them anyway to let them know that they were sending the wrong item. Seeing as I had around £20 worth of points I decided to purchase the heart pair that I originally wanted and probably keep the purple too. I was a little surprised at the email that I received back though. For a start there was no apology for sending the wrong shoes "It would just have been the wrong shoes in the box. Our packer would have made sure that the code on the outside of the box matched the order and wouldn't necessarily know the colourway." Well excuse me but surely a website selling several colourways of the same style is going to have problems if the packer doesn't know which shoe to send? I hinted that I would consider keeping the purple pair-but there was no mention in the email of how to return them if I had wanted to (I certainly shouldn't have to pay return postage for something that isn't my mistake) and again I just think there should have been an apology in there somewhere because this wasn't what I ordered but now I'm stuck with them!
The purple aren't even available to buy on the website anyway-so I don't even know how I ended up with them. Anyhow, the main reason for emailing was to ensure that the same thing wouldn't happen again if I reordered. How am I to know that they haven't just put the wrong image on the website? In the reply it said if I purchased them, they would check this time and it shouldn't happen again. So I proceed to try and buy them using my points as part payment with no luck. So after a couple of hours of trying (grrr), I email them again and get this reply: "The points system doesn't apply, sorry it shouldn't be on the site. Letsbuyshoes was taken over by another company and the points have been removed, however the shoes are much less than ever so not all that bad!" Hello, damn right it shouldn't still be on the site!! With every purchase I've made it has said 'you have x points, tick this box to redeem them now' and even when the order is going through it says next to it 'points pending x' and has tallied them up to date in my account. Plus the prices are good because they are old seasons stock-I wouldn't expect to pay full price for them! I was then so pissed that I'd spent the entire morning trying to buy them, that I didn't order them at all (and now they're out of my size). The whole episode has kinda left a sour taste in my mouth to be honest. There's me, happily collecting loyalty points, completely oblivious to the fact that it doesn't exist-even although I can see it! Annoying huh?

My paint splatter Making Moves are a size 6 and are quite tight across the foot, but a little long. I thought I might need the bigger size for the cuff, but this purple pair are my regular size 5 and actually fit a lot better. They don't seem quite as tight and the length is perfect. The cuff takes a few attempts to ensure it is properly zipped up (it's difficult to hold the two sides and insert into the zipper and pull down whilst pulling the zip up all at once)! I love the clash of the pink heel against the vivid purple.
Next we have the flowery Whitney or rather Kim Oh No as they are known this season, which may be similar to Audrina in style, but boy do these fit so much better than the latter. I've mentioned before that I find the vamp comes too far up the foot on Audrina, but you don't have these issues here, because they are cut lower as you can see. I love the floral, love the wooden platform, not entirely convinced with the green section though. It's like fuzzy felt and it's already looking shabby, even before wear. Very comfortable though.
Finally blue Bambino...I told you I'd end up getting these, didn't I! You may recall I had issues with the placement of the buttonhole on the strap with my pink pair (whereby I had to cut a longer hole), so I'll have to do the same again here. I actually didn't think they seemed like they need as large a snip as my last pair. The floral pattern continues onto the heel (my pink have a suede heel), which I love and the little baby is so cute (little boyfriends for my pink girls). Gorgeous haul, just a shame about the problems on the website which kind of spoiled the whole experience.


  1. Oh what a pain! I was considering buying a couple of pairs of IC shoes from them when funds allow but this report on their customer service doesn't encourage me to shop with them!

  2. Yeah the service was a long as they don't muck up your order, they are usually great.

  3. I know, I had an equally rude and abrupt email from them when I tried to redeem my points, which were still showing up!
    "We no longer do the points system, but our shoes are a lot cheaper."
    Their attitude put me off ordering there.

  4. Yeah it's certainly put me off. The prices are cheap because it's old stock, so I would expect that. The loyalty scheme was that extra incentive to buy!


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