Monday, 4 October 2010

Wanted: Rebecca Ferguson Horse Ring

I was really disappointed with last nights X-Factor. I accidentally stumbled across the supposed 'leaked list' of finalists and indeed it was correct, so no real surprises for me. It's also just turned into the 'Cheryl show', it seems everything revolves around her and I thought she came across as particularly insensitive, patronising and smug last night with her 'don't cry babe' (hello, of course they will) and 'I can help her, I'll bring it out of her'. I really hope there is a backlash against her for putting through one artist that didn't even sing and the other that forgot her words and cried (as she had done before), however I'm sure Cheryls legions of adoring fans who think she can do no wrong, will still let her win. It's getting boring.
Rebecca Ferguson is great though, I'm pleased she got through and wished she had been joined by Trayc and Gamu (don't you think she could pass for Keisha Sugababes little sister?). It was Rebecca's ring that had me transfixed-a massive sparkly horse. Absolutely to die for, stunning! I took some screen caps for those of you that didn't see it. Isn't it gorgeous? I really must have it but have no idea where it's from, can anyone identify it? A quick google search this morning found that there are others that want it too!


  1. I totally agree, to put Katie and Cher through was a terrible decision and I just hope the public vote them out. I adored Treyc and Gamu, how you can even compare their auditions to the shambles of the other 2. I had a hunch that she'd put Katie and Cher through though, to maintain her 'cool and down with the kids' image.

    I said to my boyfriend that I thought Cheryl came across as rude and very insensitive, i'm glad you noticed this too. I very much doubt she'll win this year. I Hope not!

    Let's see who they get back on next week's show!

    Gamu and diva fever <3

    laura x

  2. I didn't get to watch it last night but read about it today. I did like Cher but she didn't do at all well in her judges houses performance. I don't how Katie got through though!! It should have been Gamu. Definitely pleased with Rebecca going through, she was amazing!
    I can't stand Cheryl as it is so I'm a bit biased. Lol!
    I think Louie was the only one who chose well, I liked all 3 he picked! With the other judges, they've picked a few odd ones! Lol

    Oh and Rebecca's ring is amazing! I wonder where she got it from? xx

  3. I always thought Simon should have put Trayc through last year-that girl can sing! I like her 80's inspired power dressing this year too!

    Yes cheryl has totally based it on who she thinks everyone is talking about and who can win for her and although that's up to her to think like that, I don't necessarily want someone to win based only on their first audition. It can get a little boring if you can't watch someone grow over the series.

    I couldn't believe it when she said 'don't cry', of course they're going to, you've shattered their dreams! She just seemed so smug when she talked about 'helping' Rebecca as if she was the only person who could 'fix her'. I don't want her to turn into a dive type performer like Alexandra, that vulnerability and shyness is part of who she is and it's worked for Leona!

    MUA-I hate Cheryl too, I thought I was the only person on the planet that didn't like her. This 'nations sweetheart' nonsense pisses me off! What's she ever done for this country? She's just a ned-done-good and she can't even sing. Did everyone forget the court case, cornrow days and cheap lycra dresses and blonde hair extensions?!

  4. Oh and yeah I felt for Louis, definitely had the weakest lot in my opinion, but he's managed to pick the best. His face and Sharons when watching all the crazy people was hilarious. Totally unsure what I think of Storm-he's brilliant at singing, but goes overboard with his theatrics (reminds me of Darius), you just want to tell him to shut up!

    I couldn't believe how 'together' that girl group seem that were put together at bootcamp. I think the boyband can do something pretty great too-is it FYD or something?

  5. Don't even start me on Cher and Katie! What a farse!! Gamu was the best singer there (also whats up with Danni not putting Paije through!?)

    As soon as I saw that ring me and my best friend text each other like 'THAT RING!!'
    i need it, when you find it please please do another post telling us how to get our grubby paws on such a amazing piece! xx

  6. Haha so did I! Cheryl is a chav at the end of the day. You can see it when she hasn't got her stylist about.
    Totally with you on your opinion on her! :)

    That girl group were brilliant, can't believe how well they worked together considering that they're solo singers.

    Haha yes, Louie and Sharon's faces with the crazy lot!

    And I totally agree with Cowbiscuits - why didn't Dannii put Paije through??? He was the best out of the boys! I don't like the Italian, he loves himself too much! xx

  7. I am massively in love with that ring too! Came across your blog whilst searching for any clues on where its from, please please let us know if you find it!


  8. u get the ring from

  9. As well as Rebecca's ring, does anyone know where I can get a dress similar to hers from that same scene?

    It was a navy flowing dress?

    Rebecca in my opinion is just oooozing beauty and style! Thanks

  10. I saw this and thought of you! :)

  11. Hi, you can buy the Horse ring from and there is also a facebook page. Based in Liverpool and is where Rebecca bought hers from - hope this helps!

  12. MUA-that Cheryl thing was hilarious! Haha, so glad someone else thinks like me!!

    Thanks for letting us know jay.

  13. Thought you'd like it! The artical cheered me up! Lol.
    You hear about her doing a charity do? And getting paid 200k! (or something like that) xx

  14. Hi All,

    Have been looking all over the internet and have found that you can be put on the waiting list for this ring at

    Hopefully the list isn't already full! x

  15. hiya, the ring rebecca worn on the x factor is from a shop called resurrection in liverpool:)

  16. You can find it at


  17. Yes, that's where I got mine from. Should be a couple of posts on it somewhere here!


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