Sunday, 17 October 2010

Accessorize Haul

Accessorize have just relaunched their website and there's so many more products than before where it just felt like a section of the bigger Monsoon site. It's the only place you'll find 100% of the Accessorize stock. They have free delivery just now (and for the next week), so my sister and I thought we would buy some things to celebrate! Unfortunately their payment system had some problems, so I just decided to pop into the Dundee store when I was there last week instead. Big mistake! Don't ever go in there with money, because Mum and I stepped out half an hour later having spent just under £70! I could've bought more in all honesty but tried to contain myself (hard though as they have so many beautiful things). We didn't even get everything we were looking for, so that evening I bought the rest online (the system is up and running again). In Dundee we were served by a really lovely girl who went out of her way to help us find what we were looking for, it was a very pleasant shopping experience. She was also telling me they get deliveries every day, so it's worth checking back.
Mum had spotted this carousel necklace £10 in the St Andrews branch and knew I would want it. Pretty cute huh?
I love birdies on jewellery and this pendant £9 is so vintage looking and pretty, it's on a nice long chain too. I also got these floral springtime brooches £10 to match. Eiffel tower + bows + birdies = gorgeous overload!
I know I already have a similar kitsch dog ring, but this is much smaller and heart shaped-does that justify it? Heehee, I Love Chihuahuas ring £8.
Finally, I got little Doris dormouse ring £4 from my online order because they didn't have it in the shop. I bought it small, so I could wear it above my knuckle.
My sister ordered yet more slippers and gloves which she buys from the kids range (because she's so tiny)-we love the cute names they give the animals-Amanda Panda, Cassie Cat, Betty Bunny etc


  1. Such pretty things! I love Accessorize, I can't go in there without buying anything! x

  2. Yeah it's not good for the bank balance that's for sure!

  3. lovely haul! you have to try out their makeup too :)

  4. I went in yesterday and the carousel and bird necklaces are on my payday list :) x


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