Tuesday, 12 October 2010

More Clearing Out & More Shopping!

Today was my first time out of the house for over 2 weeks and I ended up spending a small fortune on nothing very exciting. During my recent clear-out, I realised I desperately needed some new nighties and pj's. I have trouble finding tops that will fit and are comfortable. As much as I like the pretty camisoles I often see, I have to admit my boobs are too big for them! Bravissimo do a lot of nice sleepwear, but I just can't afford to splash out that much on one set just now. So it was off to Primark and it was very successful. I ended up with several suitable bottoms that came in sets and just bought regular vests from their clothing range to wear as they had more support than the pj tops I saw. I also got a few brooches and some other jewellery bits and 2 dresses although I haven't tried them on yet so don't know if they'll fit. I was struggling to find any clothing over a size 12 in the store today, it's so depressing looking through dozens of size 8's! Oh and I also got a really nice black cardi, longish with a waterfall front, I liked it so much I bought two (one to wear around the house and one to wear out and about!). That lot came to £98 though and it didn't seem like a fulfilling, exciting shop if you know what I mean!
My clear out is still going well, two huge bags have gone to the charity shop and another is filled with clothes for the bin. I'm still working my way through my dress wardrobe although it doesn't seem like any of the 117 dresses in there need thrown away (unfortunately from a space point of view). I had a quick look through my shoes at the weekend and put some up on eBay. I'm gutted to be selling some but have to be ruthless. My turquoise Miaow ankle boots from Irregular Choice (above) for example are really special, but I do find them a smaller fit than my black pair and I have to ask myself if I really need to keep both pairs? I reluctantly listed them (secretly hoping they wouldn't sell-although I know their popularity) but they've already got 5 bids on them, so that's made my mind up for me!! I need the money though, so it's all good. I have another couple of Irregular Choice pairs, my LAMB Faith shoes that are too small for me and some cute Harajuku Lovers wedges that are too big.
My other items include a Helen Rochfort guitar handbag that has never been used, some unworn Shoemissy peep toes, Office, Oasis, Matalan and ASOS footwear. If anything takes your fancy, get bidding, auctions end on Sunday and I ship worldwide.


  1. Out of interest, what charity shop are you going to donate to? I just might pop in after you and buy some things :p

  2. I used those bags that come through your door looking for donations. This one was for The British Heart Foundation and they collected them from me-I'm not sure if the collections are distributed locally or not when done this way.

  3. Oh wow I looooooove that swan ring! How much was it? I might send them an email :) or don't they ship internationally?

  4. Oh woops, replied to the wrong post :P But I've already seen how much it is...such a steal! I've emailed them with an order for 3 rings...omg, I have absolutely no self control lol

  5. Marlein, yay, they are lovely! Which ones did you get?

    They ship anywhere for anyone wondering and I should also mention the rings are adjustable!


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