Saturday, 2 October 2010

Autumn Clean

My room looks like a bomb has hit. I'm stumbling over shoe boxes every day, my jewellery is spilling out of the boxes it's supposed to be in and my wardrobe is crammed to bursting. I don't know about 'spring' cleaning, but I feel like an 'autumn' clean-I'm fed up of my room the way it is.

Of course it's not helped by my obsessive shopping sprees and I have to (proudly, ahem sheepishly) admit I just purchased 5 pairs of shoes online tonight! Gasp, I'm a nutter! I probably shouldn't tell you that I have a further 2 pairs arriving on Monday either (or about the pair of boots I got this week). See my dilemma? I'm my own worst enemy. Anyway, I'm going to try and remedy the situation a little tomorrow ("be ruthless Gem"). I have the bags all ready to fill for the charity shop! Here's some images inside my wardrobe...we're talking 2 or 3 dresses per hanger and this doesn't really illustrate just how crammed and crushed everything is getting.
I've already started on my drawers (the easy bit), who knew I owned so many leggings? Considering I mostly alternate between 2 or 3 black pairs, I have a truck load of other colours that obviously don't get worn. The hard bit will definitely be the dresses though, because I don't think there are many I want to give away (they're all in good condition and fit).
Then it's onto rearranging my shoes (again), which will probably result in me not knowing where anything is over the next few months (which I hate). Although a toppling box from the top of my wardrobe will probably knock me unconscious first. I'm actually not joking, it's surprising how often this has 'almost' happened lately-I'm getting good at ducking them! What about you, do you live in an OCD paradise surrounded by nothing or are there overspills on every surface, cupboard and wardrobe? Anyone else fancy a clear-out in preparation for new autumn/winter goodies?


  1. OMG my room is so messy, looks like a atom bomb hit it. i can't help it, i know where everything is though. weird

  2. Maybe you could vacuum-pack some of the dresses you know you won't wear over the winter? or suitcase them under your bed or something c: I'm really bad the other way, everything MUST be in its place and tidy and neat, I'm terrible! c:

  3. I actually already had my clean out :) I was forced haha since we were moving house and I had soooooooooo much crap, I needed to get rid of lots and lots of stuff. I think about 6 garbage bags of clothes and shoes went to charity, and another 1 or 2 bags to another charity a.k.a my friend who came over to help me clean out my closet lol...but now we have a 3-bedroom apartment so I have a dressing room! It's not full at all, I'm so pleased with it. Unfortunately I don't have much money to buy new stuff haha I blew my budget (and a bit more, oops) on JC shoes but that meant no new clothes AT ALL for the past few months. Being a student again is cool, but I do miss my paycheck from when I was working fulltime :(

    Rai's tip about vacuum packing is a really good one, I LOVE vacuum packing I do that to all our extra blankets and such. It works so well at keeping stuff safe from moths and clean! Good luck with sorting your stuff out! :)

  4. I agree with Rai. You should store summer dresses under a bed or something out of the way, then when it comes to summer, swap them with winter things.
    I also feel the need for an autumn clean, but where is the motivation?

  5. You always show such lovely shoes and dresses in your blog, you should do a blog sale :)


  6. Thanks for your comments. I can live in mess so long as I know where everything is. I hate that period after you tidy up and you can't find anything!

    Marlein, a dressing room is my dream, you lucky girl. My Dad's always saying we need an extension, I just think I need an entire house to myself for all my stuff!


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