Friday, 8 October 2010

Cupcakes & Parcels

Yay, it's Friday! Don't actually know why I'm 'yaying' as I don't work anyway, so every day is the same for me. Aside from Sundays...I really don't like a Sunday for some reason. I'm digressing; so my little sis is on her hols this week and treated us all to a cupcake for lunch from Bibi's Bakery. I have to be very naughty and admit we bought two boxes a couple of weeks ago too, so we've been dreaming of them ever since!
I chose the incredibly delicious chocolate orange with real Terry's chocolate orange slice (which I reckon is my favourite from all the flavours I've tried), yummy bummy! The others are banoffee, white chocolate and after eight!
I've been quite a happy bunny lately as lots of parcels have arrived-although I don't know what to photograph first! MAC came yesterday (serious hotness) and my sis (the cupcake queen) managed to get all the other items I wanted in Glasgow. She even took a photo on her phone of the store window display with Cruella and co. seeing as I couldn't be there. Plus she managed to get postcards of all the characters-I've never had MAC postcards before, infact the only freebie MAC have ever given me is a half deflated Hello Kitty balloon! I hear you get free samples with orders in the US...they definitely need to provide something like that here considering the thousands I put into that company every year! She also got the new Barry M nail art stuff that crackles and leaves patterns on your nails as she thought I would like it and it's sold out in Boots and Superdrug here.
Topshop came today and the makeup items I got are absolutely drop dead gorgeous, the lipstick especially so. I have also placed another Shoesone order with Korea and bought a couple of shoes in the ASOS sale this morning. I got Alice (was £110, now £33) and Parkie (was £90, now £27), ridiculously cheap! The latter sold out in black last night, so I was my usual disappointed self, then this morning when I went to purchase the taupe instead, I realised they had more of the black! Yipee! S, they'll arrive tomorrow. I wanted some clothes too (even after discovering I have 117 dresses in my wardrobe), but I didn't have any money left.

I got my 5th pair of Anglomania/Melissa Lady Dragon slingbacks last week along with a very sexy pair of Michael Lewis shoes. They are very tricky to walk in, so I'm a little unsure of them right now. I also got another 3 pairs of Irregular Choice and two pairs of Harajuku Lovers. What I hate about buying American brands here is you have no idea what size you're purchasing when they say 'UK 5'. I've previously found a US8 works better for me in HL styles, so purchased a 'UK6' and was sent an 8 (as hoped) and they were too big, so I'll have to re-order the size down. The other pair I got were a 'UK6' and they sent a US9...they are quite big, but I'm wondering if I'll get away with an insole as they didn't have the size down and I really like them. IC meanwhile continue to piss me off with their inconsistent sizing, but more about that when I eventually take some photos. I'm definitely going to be taking advantage of the free listing on eBay this weekend and will be putting up loads of shoes, because I've managed to spend a helluva money these past couple of weeks and really need some cash and to get rid of pairs that don't fit!


  1. omg the cupcakes !!!!

    the after eight one looks amazing, i would kill to taste it !!!

    .. i'm following a diet it's so frustrating !

  2. I love Bibis! I had choc orange mmm but my face is chocolate cherry! xxx

  3. I want one of those cupcakes so bad!

  4. I love Bibi's too! Myself and my bf cannot resist buying a box whenever we are over in St Andrews! I did a post on my blog about them a while back!

    Anna x

  5. Yep they were yummy, have to admit to buying another box today!!


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