Thursday, 14 October 2010

Haul & Swatches: MAC Venomous Villains

I'm disappointed with the way these photos have turned out. I forgot how difficult it is to take decent, true to life colours in autumn lighting! That said, I managed to salvage a few decent images for you and the swatches are absolutely spot on which I suppose is the more important thing. I've not had a chance to play around with my purchases yet, although I did wear Dark Deed lipstick on Tuesday which resulted in the 'your lipstick is awfully dark' comment from mother (glad she didn't disappoint).You may remember Innocence, Beware! lipstick was sold out online and I was sending my sister to track it down. She did manage to get that for me and also both Briar Rose and Oh So Fair beauty powders which I decided I needed, rather than choosing one! She also told me the mineralize eyeshadow duos were really sparkly and she thought I'd like them. The thing is, it's the type of product I would really like to try out before buying and with no access to MAC here it seemed silly to spend £16 on something I may not like when swatched. Plus I have a gazillion eyeshadows and don't wear them often enough anyway.
Overall I really love this collection. The packaging finally got me excited after so many 'meh' ranges. I love when they make the high shine cases, they feel so much more sleek and funky. The images of the characters are more like Heatherette or Hello Kitty than the cheap Fafi disaster. The boxes with the sketches and different colour swirls insides are pretty neat too. Apparently some people don't like this style of packaging, but I think it's totally cool and would be happy to whip it out in public! There's such a great range of shades within the 4 sub categories of this collection, so I think everyone is bound to find something they like. Finally, it's Disney and although I think they missed their chance to do something amazing with Ursula, evil octopussy lady from The Little Mermaid, I do have a soft spot for all things Disney and can't help but be mesmerised by the fantasy. As usual click images to enlarge.
So, on with the colours; lipsticks first in Innocence, Beware! a pinky nude from Cruella De Vil which will probably become a staple for me. Sinister is a more unusual shade from the Evil Queen, MAC describes it as a 'soft brown plum'. It's very sheer and is brown, there's shimmer in the stick when held in the light but it isn't noticeable when swatched really. There is a slight plum to the brown but it's so very light that you can't really tell. Dark Deed (Maleficent) on the otherhand is full of pigment due to it's amplified formula. It's a dark shade that MAC describes well as burgundy plum. I'm just so into dark lips just now that this is going to be used a lot over the next few months!
this last image isn't reflective of the true colour of the lipsticks (too much 'flash'), but I thought it showed the images on the cases well.
It feels like I haven't bought a regular lipglass for ages, due to the new versions MAC keep producing, so I was actually quite excited to get these. Devilishly Stylish (Cruella) isn't too exciting on it's own (how many light peachy nudes do I own?), but I'm thinking it will look fab paired with the Innocence lipstick. Maleficents Wrong Spell is described as 'deep plum with pink purple' and I would expect it's supposed to coordinate with Dark Deed, however I found it much more brown than purple when swatched. It does look more purple in the tube though, but not on my hand.
The blush I bought is called Bite of an Apple and is (obviously) from the Evil Queen. It's a bright, hot reddish coral that reminds me of the discontinued Pout Apricot Totty that everyone loved years ago (I must try a comparison post soon)-I wonder if it will swatch as vivid as it looks in the pan (I didn't have time to swatch the powders)?
Finally my beauty powders, always a favourite of mine due to their adorable compacts. Oh So Fair is the lighter of the two (from Evil Queen), a pale pink with gold pearl, while Briar Rose (Maleficent) is a violet pink which looks like it could double as a blush (mostly BP's are more suited for use as highlighters, although some can be more pigmented).
Now onto the swatches, more to come on the Topshop items featured on my hand which happened to arrive on the same day, so I took all the images together. You may also recall I bought Viva Glam Gaga lipglass. It was extremely difficult to photograph the tube, but I did manage a good swatch, so that's included as well. There's nothing more to mention with the swatches as they are very true to what they look like in real life.
^all the swatches together
^ just Venomous Villains
^ the lipsticks
^ the lipglosses

The postcards my sister got me were gorgeous, a really nice quality card. On the back they were pretty much the same (text was the same just with different sketches), so I just took an image of one.


  1. I think the photos have turned out well! They do look lovely, I may even be tempted to order something for myself :)

  2. Great review! I wish I could pull off dark lipstick...or lipstick at all actually lol. Lipstick always looks weird on me for some reason....

    I ordered some Barry M nailpolish last night! Got Dusky Mauve, Indigo, Chocolate Brown and finally decided to give Mushroom a shot although I'm not quite sure I'll like it. Ready for fall anyway, yay!


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