Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Swatches: Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick

A few weeks ago I received the repackaged, new formulation Lasting Finish lipsticks from Rimmel. I photographed them at the time but haven't had a chance to blog about them until now. Previous lip items sent to me by Rimmel have failed to impress due to the colours they picked, but these looked much more promising. The new formulation promises up to 8 hours wear (that's 50% longer wearing colour boost pigments) and 25% more colour impact supposedly. I can't say I've found anywhere near 8 hours of colour without the need for retouches. The colour can remain (like a stain), but it's slightly patchy without reapplication. The shades I was sent included one of my all-time favourites, Asia 077. I've bought around 4 or 5 of these over the years, back when it was labelled as 040 Asia. I still have a couple in my collection, so I've photographed them too, because there is a very slight difference in colour between batches.
The other shade they sent was 084 Amethyst Shimmer which is a bright fuchsia purple. I wore this one today with a Givenchy bright pink liner underneath and it came out very pink with no purple. It does have a metallic finish which I'm not entirely in love with, a little too 80's for me.
swatches are shown with flash (above) and without (below).
Asia, is a really difficult colour to describe. It's a nudeish brown shade but not one of your light, concealer looking nudes, it's got some weight to it. The formula is a heavy, cream satin with no shimmer, frost or metallic finish. Some lipsticks can make your lips look thinner, but this finish makes them fuller and that's one of the reasons that I've bought it time and time again. It does have pink undertones and this was especially noticeable in the newer version. Whereas I found the older ones more peachy or neutral. I have to be honest and say I do prefer it, the more earthy it looks, but I've not tried the new version on my lips yet, so I'll have to see how it turns out.

Lasting Finish lipsticks are available in 20 shades and are currently on offer in Boots for £3.99 (usual price £4.99).


  1. Yum Yum
    I like the look of the Amethyst one!

    I featured you on my blog today,
    In my 11 blogs not to miss post,
    hope you don't mind


  2. Amythest Shimmer just reminds me of heather shimmer that EVERYONE wore when I was at school. It was borwner in tone and, frankly, ugly! I always piss myself a little bit when I see it in Boots. I just can't believe they still sell it!

  3. MillyCupcake, thanks, that's such a lovely post, will comment later : )

    Little Scribbler, yesssss! That was the colour I wore in high school!! Back when it was in that wine coloured packaging and the lipstick just slid up rather than twisting!! They have a lot of the older colours, I notice coffee shimmer is there too.


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