Saturday, 23 October 2010

Ramblings of a Pink Haired Princess

Hi Ladies! The blogging world moves so fast and I always have tonnes of reviews to write and photos to edit, then I feel I don't get the time to just sit and ramble about nonsense! So I thought I'd do a little summary post of such rubbish...!

*Haven't seen pics of me for ages have you? This is relatively recent...the lipstick is an old Calvin Klein one, really dark but I like it. Been feeling pretty 'bleugh' with my whole appearance lately if I'm honest, probably the reason for the lack of FOTD's etc.*Super pissed that Shoesone muddled my order and that I have to wait (again) for the correct pairs to be sent (as well as having the hassle of returning the incorrect pair I got). I'm suspicious as to why their English gets worse the madder I get?

*Thinking of going to the Boots Xmas event next week. Don't know if I *need* anything, but £12 worth of points for spending £50 is always so enticing.

*Spent almost the entire day on Thursday trying to place an order with Topshop. Kept getting an error code after completing checkout, it finally went through on the 100th attempt or something like that! Got the nude crystal mesh leggings (hope they fit) and a few sale items (jewellery) although most things were already sold out.

*So excited that the Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style fragrances are in the shops now...question is, to buy now (at the Boots event) or wait in the hope of a GWP? Have also seen a gift set on Sephora of non fuzzy head versions (the smaller size), hope the UK will get them too!

*I bought not one but two pairs of designer heels this week. Wished I didn't always feel so guilty after doing so! These vintage look, Prada satin sandals were an absolute steal from Flannels though....*The other pair are Dolce & Gabbana wedges from BrandAlley. I had a really hard time deciding which colour to get from the choices below...I've always wanted the sequin pair but really how versatile or practical will they be? I finally decided on the black suede with gold and silver leaf detail.
*Speaking of BrandAlley, I'm still waiting on some Anna Lou necklaces I ordered back in August, one of which has been refunded this week : ( That's the downside to the great prices, having to wait weeks and weeks sometimes for your order. I've also purchased a 50th Anniversary reproduction 1962 bubble hair cut Barbie!

*I was babysitting my nephews on Friday and spotted an advert on the kids channel for Lalaloopsy dolls-absolutely adorable, pink haired dolls? Yes, please!*I'm still trying to track down Lagoona Blue from Monster High, she's proving to be very elusive in Scotland. *I'm so pleased that I've resumed posting on The Shoe Girl Diaries again-I've really missed it and have tonnes of new shoes to show too! Just have to sort out the backlog from the past few days.

*Is Cheryls L'Oreal hair dye not selling well, that she felt the need to colour 3 of her 4 acts with red hair this week? Katie on the otherhand doesn't seem to notice the couple of inch regrowth on her own head-wish I could get away with roots like that!

*Was bemused at the footage of the X-Factor contestants shopping in Topshop. In particular Mary...she came out laden with bags, but as a curvy lady I have no idea how she fits into the small made size 16's (maybe she just bought accessories)! Either way it's pretty cruel to be surrounded by temptation when you know you won't fit anything (speaking from experience here). Btw her black jumpsuit last week was from Evans.

*I've been running out of moisturiser for weeks and they don't seem to stock it anymore. I wasn't overly keen on it, but it is the only one I've tried that doesn't cause me breakouts-back to the 6 page list of 'ingredients to avoid' to find an alternative I suppose!


  1. I had troubles with Shoesone as well! When the package arrived, I was missing one pair of shoes, so I contacted them by email. Apparently they were out of stock (the website doesn't mention anything though) and they claimed to have tried to contact me by phone. Sounds a bit weird, but I hope I get either my refund, or another pair of shoes (accidently right then the black/white striped shoes came in, so I asked for them instead). Still pretty unsure as to what the outcome will be.

  2. Yeah they're really bad for not updating the site-they let you purchase out of stock items. I'm still waiting on a pair from my first order in the summer : (

    They're ok with emails, but they don't contact you first unfortunately, you have to email them, then they get their arse in gear!

  3. I wish I'd known you were looking for Lagoona!!! I could have picked one up for you!!
    All but the Cleo & Duce sets are sold out EVERYWHERE!!
    Luckily, I have a set, I'm so addicted to them, I also have a couple of Lalaloopsys!!
    You should check out my photos-
    I didn't realise you were in Scotland too!! I'm in Edinburgh!! :)

  4. Ah, I'm halfway through your flickr photos now and it's freaking me out how similar we are! Yeah, can't find Lagoona anywhere, but not giving up hope yet...want the Dawn of The Dance lot and Ghoulia too!

    I wish I could spend more money on dolls, but my clothes/shoes/jewellery/makeup collections often come first! I can't believe you like Third Watch too-I've got all the seasons on DVD (I somehow managed to find a source years ago and got them off some girl in China, totally random), anyway my Mum and I literally have them on loop all year, every year and I've never met a UK person who's heard of it! Also that orange face cushion you posted a pic of? I got that for my birthday in May, my sister got it in Glasgow and told Mum I'd want it because I have it on in my room!

    You like Littlest Pets too...I leave them to my sister, she has loads but wants your collection! She loves the blythe collaboration as she has tonnes of Blythe and Pullips, Dollcena etc too, so that's a dream hook-up for her. I only have a few Blythe. There's so many things I could talk about with you...have to go now, but will finish looking at your pics tomorrow!

  5. I'm your girl if you are ever looking for a doll!! ;)
    Let me know if you want me to pick up Lagoona for you if I spot her!!
    It looks like we aren't getting the Dance of the Dawn girls, but I'm hopefully getting them from a friend in America.
    Have you seen Draculaura's coffin bed that doubles as a jewelry box and Frankie's bed is also a mirror.


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