Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Begin Couture

I'm going to begin this post with yet another thank you-to everyone that has bought from my blog sale. I've really enjoyed talking with you all, and you've paid my ebay fees this month! Thank you. You have a couple of hours (the sooner the better though) to grab some bargains if you haven't already, so here's the post that contains all the links. Those that have paid already, your packages are being parcelled up as we speak (well not literally as I can't multi task to that level).

Ok, so Liverpool lovely, Rebecca Ferguson has been causing quite a stir with her fashion choices over the past couple of weeks on the X Factor. I can definitely see that she channels Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast At Tiffany's, she always looks very polished, classic and ladylike. She favours black or neutral colours-I don't think we've ever seen her in brights or colour. I hope the stylists on the show don't try to change her too much-I like it when the contestants still remain true to themselves. So now that we've sorted out where her oversized horse ring was from, let's move onto her dresses.
Patricia Kelly of Begin Couture has been working closely with Rebecca providing the beautiful gowns and even making some special custom pieces for her. You'll recall the midnight blue satin, backless dress she wore when she found out she was through to the final 3 (above).
The nude smock dress she wore during her performance at the judges house stage...
...and she even wore this full length black gown to bootcamp-evening wear at bootcamp? Love it! They are all by Begin Couture and you can visit their facebook page for more images and details. Patricia has two lines, the Papparazzi collection which is aimed at 16-40 year olds and is filled with 'going out' outfits, it's available from Great Homer Street Market in Liverpool on Saturdays (where you can also find The Jewellery Box). The other line is couture aimed at over 25's (prices start from around £85) and you can visit the showroom at 1st Floor, 67-69 Victoria Street, Liverpool (Tuesday-Friday, 1-5pm), although other appointments can be made. I hope this helps!


  1. I really must get myself to Great Homer St market - I hear that there's a stall that sells IC shoes dirt cheap as well...

  2. love this article on patricia and rebecca. i just became a follower.
    thanks miss pink haired..

  3. Alex-wow how cool would that be? Wish I lived near enough!

    La La Miranda-thank you, glad you like the blog!


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