Thursday, 28 October 2010

New Season Primark

I'm sorry for neglecting you a bit this week, it's been horrendous in all honesty! I've been babysitting my nephews for 2 days and it's knackering work! Even if I were more able bodied, I still reckon I'd be pooped after a day with them. My Auntie was also involved in a really bad car accident yesterday (as if her partner and mother both dying from cancer wasn't enough!). The car is a write off and ended up on it's roof with smoke coming out of it and her and the doggy upside down trapped inside. Miraculously she wasn't badly hurt (doggy was badly shaken), but it's the last thing my Dad and her need right now and the shock and pain has really hit her today. We're keeping it from Granny for now as she was taken into hospital earlier this week after constantly developing new symptoms and her heart just won't take that news. So yeah, it's been really tiring on all levels.

I did manage to the Christmas event at Boots on Thursday, which was actually quite stressful given that it was busy and with me in the wheelchair it meant you had to 'give way' to everybody (seriously, the elderly, pushchairs, youngsters, everyone thinks they have more right than me to look at gifts and glittery stuff!). I managed to spend over £100, getting half the Christmas presents I need (yay) and earned myself £24 in points (yipee). There are still Soap&Glory things I want for myself, so I'll get them next time. I didn't have time to do any other shopping (nope, not even Primark), but hopefully I'll be back next week. There are some things I'll be looking out for...
I didn't see any of these items last time I was in, but I don't know if they are instore now (maybe it's just my local that's crap!). I doubt any of the above outfits would suit or fit me, but they're quite cute. I really love the first dress below (hoping I find that and can squeeze my boobies in it). The second dress is stunning too, but the kimono style sleeves may not be flatter me. Finally, I reckon this coat is the most expensive thing Primark have ever made. It's cashmere and features this wonderful fur collar and is in the hottest shade of the season, camel! I actually really like it, I'd have to see it on, but I probably could be persuaded to spend that amount of money on it. I've bought at least 10 good jackets and coats over the years from Primark and their quality has always been good.

I promise more posts next week and maybe over the weekend. I did a fabulous manicure using the Barry M Instant Nail Effects this week, so took pics to show you.

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