Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Crystal Legs

I've been patiently waiting weeks for the crystal mesh leggings to appear on the Topshop site. I saw them on a model in Look magazine and they looked insane! I've actually wanted something like this for years, ever since I saw Britney in her Circus video with the most amazing sparkly tights. I've taken screen caps below, although if you watch the video, you'll see how with light and movement, they really twinkle. It is possible to find tights or leggings like this on the high street but they tend to look a little tacky. I wanted to look like I had sparkling legs and I'm talking more swarovski than stick on stones! The Look spread was photographed outdoors at night and the models legs were twinkling just as I had hoped and it looked classy. So I've been religiously checking the site several times a day and there were a few other items that caught my eye while I was waiting (of course).
The unicorn ring was top of my list, even if his horn looks more like a baguette stuck on his head-and how do I know it's a 'he'? Anyone else notice that bulge between his legs or is that just me? Heehee! So last night there were only 4 rings left in my size ad I decided I should purchase or be disappointed (like MAC) for the 2nd time that day. I figured either the website weren't getting any leggings in or I had missed them, so I made an order and got the unicorn ring £6.50,
rhinestone owl ring £10 (I was so going to put him back because I figured Primark would probably make a similar one for cheaper, but eventually decided I should get it or regret it),
woodland animal rings £12.50 (are we thinking fox, squirrel, stag?),
then a couple of the newer makeup items, Gloom lipgloss £7.50 a sheer, sparkly purple
and Ruthless Lips (lipstick) a dark purple with a satin matte finish (loving dark lips right now).
However, what happens this morning? Topshop get the damn leggings in! Grrr! They also happen to be £30 instead of the £22 Look quoted (I thought that was too good to be true). The thing is I don't even know if I can squeeze my butt into a Topshop size 16...all my other leggings are a 16, but TS can be funny with sizing. £4 seems a lot for shipping when it's possible I could be returning them and I think I've spent more than enough money lately anyway. I'm hoping I'll see them in Topshop next time I'm in...if I last that long! They are also available in slate by the way, but the nude were more the look I was going for.
Anything at Toppers catching your eye right now? Also what are the chances of the 4 pairs of shoes I've ordered arriving in the next 20 minutes whilst nobody else (other than me) is in the house? Yeah, didn't think so, I'm sooooo going to get caught out...!


  1. The chance to look like Britney? I'm there! x

  2. Oh I really like all that you've ordered!! May well be ptuting the leggings on my wish list :)

  3. Heehee, thanks for commenting ladies x


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