Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lip Swatches: Topshop Ruthless & Gloom

So here are the beautiful makeup items I ordered online from Topshop last week. I'm super duper happy with them. The swatches on the website are pretty accurate, so I definitely got what I expected.
Ruthless Lips (lipstick) is black in the tube, but comes out a deep, dark true purple (no plum, burgundy, wine). Their description of the finish is also spot on, a satin matte-feels very velvety. I'm just soooo excited about this lippie because I've been wearing darker colours recently and most of them are based around the same shade, because this is pure purple though it's unlike anything else I have. Gloom Lipgloss correct colour and description again, it does say 'sheer' on the website and this definitely is. Nowhere near as much glitter in my swatch in comparison to the website one, although it's super glittery in the tube. If you're looking for a bold dark lip then this isn't for you, if however you're a little scared to go full on goth then this might just be the thing. It's a subtle way of doing purple lips with sporadic glitter. I'm going to pair it with my dark lipsticks for some shine.
For info on the MAC items shown in these swatches, please see my previous post.

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