Sunday, 3 October 2010


So the clear-out is going extremely well and I must admit it feels really freeing to get rid of so much stuff. I can't believe how many clothes were contained in my cupboards, drawers and wardrobe, it's so ridiculous. I kept dresses and skirts over the past few years that I always thought I would slim into again, but I was being ruthless today and got rid of them, no point in keeping them (although there are the few things I just couldn't part with, so kept them). I briefly considered a blog sale or ebay as some items hadn't been worn or only once or twice-however there was just so much stuff, it would've taken an eternity to sort through. I haven't tackled my dress wardrobe yet, just the cupboards and drawers which were the easier bits. Although in saying that it's still been a massive task, given the sheer magnitude of it all (the photos above really don't illustrate the volume of clothes)-I had no idea! I've filled 2 huge bags and the clothes are packed in, so I'm very proud of myself. I've taken some images along the way of some interesting fabrics and details of bits and pieces. Mostly things I was throwing away. I must take a picture of the bulging bags tomorrow to prove just how massive the clean up was!
If I had a $ for every time someone has stopped me in the street to admire this shoe top, I would be very rich! I was once stopped 4 times in one day in London! Shoe and handbag print skirt with pink net underneath-super cute!
Another gorgeous print and full 50's shape skirt.
A stunning fitted jacket with bracelet length sleeves, cute trim and these amazing buttons and brooch-I love it, but it's too small now.
I've kept this Karen Millen skirt even although I've never worn it. My Mum and Dad bought it for me and it was slightly too small, but it's out of this world stunning, the volume of embroidered net, so I'm keeping it for now.
This was a tunic that I've worn so many times. It was by a boutique brand and it wasn't one of those tunics that made you feel all hippy or pregnant, it hugged my bust and had this deep V which was so flattering and amazing sleeves that flared from the elbow and this beaded detail in the centre-sad to see this one go.
I don't know if you can make the next image out, a little black velvet bolero jacket.
I think this was a TK Maxx find, a pencil skirt with the craziest print, worn it loads!
This Oasis skirt is 100% silk and hung beautifully.
My Marilyn Monroe a-line skirt-pretty gutted to give it up : (
Finally, a lilac beaded dress I bought for a friends wedding and have only worn that one time. I felt really self conscious in it, it wasn't my usual thing and I'd just started to put on weight, so didn't feel great.
Is it wrong that when I see an empty space, I want to fill it with shoes? Any questions about any of the items, just ask.


  1. you have some lovely things - you should really consider doing a blog sale with maybe the best bits?
    I love your blog by the way- we both have the same taste in IC shoes!

  2. Surely it's worth ebaying or blog sale-ing all that lot? I know it would take a while to photograph and list them all but just think of the amount of money it could get you! Surely enough for a few more pairs of IC heels?...

  3. Wow it must feel very liverating getting rid of it all! You have some seriously gorgeous things! If you're donating to a charity shop in St Andrews you must tell me which one....I'd buy the lot! xxx

  4. If there's any cute dresses in a size 14-16 I'd love to have a look (and maybe buy a couple things!) anything to aid a shoe obsession c: xx

  5. oh please do a blog sale!!
    I'd be so interested in many things size 16 :)

    please please please :)

    laura x

  6. Wow that was a lot of clothes!! I'm like that too. I end up with so much stuff and then have a massive clear out. I do sometimes regret things that I've thrown out afterwards though. Lol.
    You have some lovely stuff there, think ebay would be the way to go? Even if its just a few things? xx


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