Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Zalando Shoe Shopping

If you live in the UK and haven't seen the Zalando advert on the telly, where have you been hiding? Or do you just watch BBC?! Advertised as the shoe shop you shouldn't tell your girlfriend/wife/sister about because of the many benefits and unique customer service and therefore likelihood of owning an entire room filled with shoes...hmm, where have I seen that before? Oh right it's called my bedroom! Well, I just had to check it out!

It's part of this new breed of what I'd call 'easy shop' sites, that house numerous brands (600 in fact) under one roof. This is obviously great when you're buying across different brands as you would only pay postage once. However the price you see for the shoe is the price you pay-there is no delivery charge and all returns are free (30 days) which I strongly root for when it comes to buying footwear online.
So what do you get? Well there's actually more than shoes, there's clothing, beauty and accessories (men's and children's too), but for footwear you'll find brands such as Feud, Fly, Miss L Fire, Melissa, Iron Fist, Shellys, Minna Parikka, Miss Sixty and even Jeffrey Campbell.

There's the usual ease of searching for a product whereby you can narrow it down by category, size, brand, colour, price and even heel type or fabric/material. You can also hover over the style to see which sizes it's available in, without having to click on it and lose your place in a long list, which I find very helpful.
Once on the individual shoe page you get a multi angle view as well as being able to magnify every detail. I got quite upset though when I realised these gorgeous green Menbur courts in this image had sold out, as I've had my eye on them since first visiting the site (would've gone lovely with my Pearl Lowe lace prom dress too). Anyway, there's also a section about the brand and customer reviews as well as other related items you may be interested in.
There's also a handy notification service if you like an item, but it's out of stock in your size. Just click your size and input your email address and name and you'll receive an email when/if the item is restocked. I've already used this service for these beautiful Minna Parikka 'Dahlia' platforms.....gorgeous aren't they? Oh and did I mention there's a matching bag? Damn that 'you might also like' tool! So anyway, I can vouch it does work. I can't speak for the overall service or speed of delivery though, as I haven't yet placed an order. Note the word 'yet'!!
They also have a Facebook page, YouTube channel (which I haven't yet checked out) and twitter, along with their own blog. There's international sites available, so it's UK only peeps for purchasing through the UK site. You can also sign up to their newsletter and you'll receive £5 off your next order. I'm very much in favour of these easy-shop websites, shopping should be hassle free and it's great to add another one to my favourites. Have you or do you think you'll maybe purchase from there in the future? Let me know.


  1. Ohh some of those are very pretty. Definitely going to check it out

  2. oh my god, eeeeeeeee!!!!! :-D

  3. I hate to be the 1 to spoil the party....but

    The problem with Zalando is they can charge a lot more for some stuff than they do on other websites. I live in Holland and Iron Fist shoes can be as much as 3 times what they actually cost. I just checked out the UK site and they are charging the same in £ as they are in € for IF shoes. You can get the same shoes from the Schuh website for less than half the cost - and that includes shipping.

    I've not checked the whole site so I can't say about other brands, but my advice is: compare prices before you buy.

  4. pinktutu-lots of choice : )

    Jo-I need some pennies then I'm going to treat myself ; )

    the-blue-rose-well it's funny you should say that because I was looking at a pair of JC's originally and they were twice the price of anywhere else. then when I went on y'day I noticed the prices had magically changed to half price (without being sale prices)...made me question if I'd been seeing things. Yeah I would certainly check other sites first, although I found a lot of things there, I couldn't or haven't seen on other sites. thanks for the heads up though.


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