Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Not had a good day today. I'm in a lot of pain right now caused by something outwith my control which I'm rather hesitant to get into here, after fighting with a friend (of 20 years) of mine on Facebook about it today. I'm now grouchy and tired and that all sounded very cryptic but I've handled it and if she de-friends me in life and Facebook then so be it quite frankly. I'm at the age where I think I'm entitled to voice my opinions and not succumb to somebody elses point of view purely to keep the peace. Nobody has the perfect life, we all have stuff going on and so I'm sending out virtual hugs to anyone who wants or needs one, mwah! Leave your rants in the comments, what's pissed you off this week? Let it all out! Anyway, I'm 2 days behind on TSGD posts and have completely forgotten about Inspiretty recently and have a backlog of posts I need to do. My parents get back from their cruise tomorrow-fyi they super loved it. I also need to colour my hair again before this weekend when it's my cute little ball of fluff nephew/godson's christening. The thought of managing to be all perky for a full day fills me with dread right now, but hopefully this pain will subside. I have a question though-which shoes will I wear?
I'm wearing my Peggy prom dress (Pearl Lowe, above) and tights with it...was thinking the large spot pair I got the other day? Do you think the KG Fashionista's Corso Como (below) are too much black? They have a spangly section on the front and mega sparkly heel. I didn't necessarily aim to be all-black though (although the dress does have a light lining), but I want something that compliments it, so don't want to pick something too bright and tacky. If I wear the CC, I need to break them in over the next couple of days because I haven't worn them before.
I have these lovely Michael Lewis chess heels I've never worn before, although I'm feeling the dress is better suited to silver accessories than gold?
I would love to wear these Kurt Geiger satin courts which I couldn't wear to my mates wedding last year after the 'skinny heel' debacle! However, I think they would look too light against dark tights and dress and they are extremely difficult to walk in and uncomfortable!
Which leads me onto the perfect pair, my Kandee Diamonds. However we have a really plush carpet in my church and I don't completely trust myself in these and falling on my ass in front of an entire congregation and dropping my little baby is too much to handle, lol! Same story for these River Island platforms I think.
Can you think of anything else I have? I want a special pair that aren't too difficult to walk in and I can take some discomfort. Ooh, or another alternative are the Prada peep toes with pink heel in the middle of the image up above.


  1. I plump for the white ones in that last frame, to wear with that dress.

    As for the other wouldn't want me to start ranting, there's not enough bandwith in the whole universe.

  2. That's a shame about your friend, you should always be able to have different views from others and remain friends. All your shoes are so pretty and I looooove that dress. I like the Kandee's but if the carpets a problem. What about your ASOS black 'Partytime' peep toes with glitter heel and platform? You wore them on day 349 Jan 10 which just happens to be my birthday lol.

  3. I would go for the Corso Como shoes - I bought the gold version after finding out about Shoeaholics from you! I still can't walk in mine yet though :(

  4. antigone-oh dear, hope your week gets better ; )

    Karlene-yeah she's so loud and opinionated that everyone usually just backs down to keep her quiet, but this time I wasn't for letting it go and I don't think she took kindly to someone disagreeing with her. I know, the Kandee style and colour would be perfect, it's a pity I don't have the confidence to wear them on this ocassion. I completely forgot about those ASOS platforms....they would look lovely. I might keep them as back-up if my KG CC's are too uncomfortable. Good idea!

    Anastasia-yes I remember you getting the CC too! This is my 1st day 'breaking them in', so I'll see how it goes, because I'd really like to wear them.

  5. Wow i love all your shoes :)


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