Saturday, 8 October 2011

Random Phone Images

So here's some random pictures from my phone. The camera shopping has kinda come to a standstill. I'm getting frustrated with the choice (too much choice) and I don't want to rush into something and regret it. Plus I can't afford to buy a camera just now and usually eBay is my solution to a quick cash injection but it's proved too stressful lately. That situation I had last week? Turns out the idiot in the Post Office sent the parcel surface mail instead of airmail. So the buyer will get her parcel....eventually. Just annoyed that I've been stressed about it, all because of some imbecile pressing the wrong button (going to watch them like a hawk from now on). Then today, I got a parcel returned I'd sent out a month ago, a pair of shoes that the buyer has never bothered to collect, so now that's suddenly become my problem, grrr! If you don't want the shoes, don't bloomin' bid on them!
Anyway, not feeling great today, drinking lots of tea, wearing a big fluffy shawl and singing along to cheesy Westlife ballads like Safe and What About Now, although you can't beat their even cheesier cover versions of The Rose, Desperado, The Dance, You Light Up My Life and Miss You Nights. Hmmm, must be ill methinks! No, I love them really : ) Speaking of singing, I'm getting way into the US X-Factor, more so than the UK one where I only actually like a couple of people on it. I'll still be watching tonight though, just because I have nothing better to do, haha!
This is me waking up yesterday morning and realising I look like Jedward. A turquoise female Jedward...not good.
These are my new glasses, both of which I'm very happy with. The Prada purple pair were as close as they had to retro cats eye frames. The shop I go to usually only get one pair of each style in and she said those styles flew out. I still like them though, the legs are situated further down than normal, so you can see the pointed edge of the frame at the top.
My other pair were much cheaper, basic black geek frames or my Clark Kent glasses as I like to call them. They feel so comfortable.
I got my Pearl Lowe crochet collar dress y'day, the size smaller than usual (go me!). It's much smaller, but fits perfectly.
My favourite lunch-time specialty is sliced apple over peanut-butter on toast (something my friends and family think is disgusting), it's lovely though. This week though I had some Nutella with sliced banana on top. Here it is, without the banana. It's ok, not as nice as PB/apples though!
Ok, I could actually give up all meals for Cadburys Wishes, which are only available during winter unfortunately. The star is the size of this packet (large dudes) and is the yummiest thing on the planet. Plus freakily both weeks I've had one of these I've gone on to lose 2lbs...hmmm, so it's actually 'good for me' yeah?
Before realising I needed to fork out for 2 new pairs of glasses and a new camera I splurged on a couple of pairs of L.A.M.B. shoes from TK Maxx. they have some great designer finds online currently; gorgeous Luella dresses and Moschino floral coats going for a steal!
The cosy Pier ankle boots as seen on Nicki Minaj.
and Peppa t-bars (a pain in the arse to squeeze into)
My new little bubba, loves (and looks adorable in) polka dots just like his Aunt/Godmother...that would be me if you hadn't guessed! Cue cute overload... and his freaky long hands!
Speaking of, I tried on my ASOS Salon floral dress for wearing to my nephews christening in a few weeks time. I was wondering which shoes to wear with it...still not decided but these River Island platforms could be a contender.
My first attempt at leopard print nails...I die, I love it, even if I do say so myself!
My Mum and sister went to the massive Tesco super store today and Toys'r'Us in search of some Monster High dolls and other bits and bobs. It was like Christmas when they came home, I've never seen so many toys!
We got the Classroom MH dolls we wanted. I got Mad Science Lagoona, Home Ick Frankie and Physical Deaducation Ghoulia.
My sister got Frankie and Ghoulia. As you can see she's pretty obsessed with Littlest Pet Shop toys too, so she got the new sparkle ones and loads more things! I actually struggled to fit everything in the one shot. Oh and I stole the unicorn and deer from her, she says I can have them : )
She also bought a ridiculous amount of Cadburys and other goodies, special Christmas and Halloween stuff. I'm supposed to be on a diet you know!Hope you're all having a good weekend!


  1. That last picture made me want chocolate!

  2. Oooh, you've been buying lots! I decided not to buy any Pearl Lowe dresses much as I liked the tile print one, but that one looks nice on you!
    I like the furry boots!

  3. That ring is amazing! Where on earth did you get that?!

  4. Great photos very interesting post! your godchild is soo cute!!

  5. pinktutu72-me too, oh wait it is mine, haha!

    Kezzie-yes, loving the boots. The PL dress I got is lovely, would defo recommend it.

    Crystal-thank you, which one was it? The first plastic bow one is Primark, the long one is Topshop and the double finger key ring is also Primark. Hth.

    Sophie-Lou-J, thank you, he's a little sweetheart, but I bet every Auntie thinks that!


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