Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Inspiretty #138

So Inspiretty today isn't actually this shot or the clothes and certainly not the models-they look a little moody no? Perhaps they're friends with Gary Barlow...I'm hating him on The X Factor, he's so boring and moan, moan, moan, for God's sake man, cheer up! And females find him attractive? I do not see that at all, not even close, but then I was always more of a NKOTB fan myself, anyway totally digressing! It's the tights, the ones in the front in particular, the scribble diamond pair. I saw them ages ago (and can't find the close-up pic I had of them) and I thought they were fabby and they styled them with some Lady Dragons, double fabby, however they've never got them in stock on the website yet (I've been stalking for months), which is rather annoying because I'd really rather like them. They are of course Vivienne Westwood if you hadn't already guessed : )

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  1. You all seem to have the market for cute tights over there. You never see anything as cute as those here


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