Monday, 31 October 2011

Swatches: Soap & Glory Lipstick & Foundation

I completely forgot I took these photos for you of the new Soap & Glory cosmetics last week. To be honest I just had a very quick look because I had a million other things to do and a member of staff was walking around looking at me suspiciously after I took these images (!) or perhaps I'm paranoid (as my mother says "if you're no scabbit, you winnae claw").
In this particular store, the stand could easily have been missed, had I not been on the look-out for it. It's just kind of dumped on the end between Max Factor and Une (stands I rarely look at). There's no current promotion or offer, which I think is a pity given that's it's a great new launch. I'd have liked to see a little more promotion and something along the lines of '3 for 2' or a GWP such a cosmetics bag with every 2 or 3 purchases. Boots offers change on a Wednesday, so I'm hoping for something new this week (I know No7 will be running their usual GWP starting then).
There's testers for all items, including the eyeliners and eye-shadow palettes which you don't always get. As I said I didn't hover long, so I managed to completely miss trying out the Supercat pen liner and looking at the mascara brush. I did swatch the light foundation shades and lipsticks though which were the main items I was interested in.
Show Good Face foundation and primer in one, £11. As you know, I often struggle to find foundations pale enough and regularly have to settle with something slightly darker just because there's nothing better out there. The lightest shade 'The Fairest Of Them All', although it maybe doesn't look like it from my camera pic, it was very yellow but seems quite pale. It was hard to tell under the shop lights and because I was having trouble with the colour match, finding it so yellow, I couldn't see past that to see if it was light enough. I blended it over my hand though and it did seem to disappear so could most probably be alright for me. Next to that is the second lightest shade, 'A Good Light' which wasn't quite so yellow, more peach and definitely had too much colour for me.
You'll also see on my hand the lipsticks. Super Colour Fabulipstick, £9 comes in three shades. I was disappointed with Naked Beige, it wasn't anywhere near as nude as I would've liked or expected. I'm a nude lips obsessive and although I literally own hundreds of glosses and lipsticks in much the same colour scheme, a perfect looking nude or beige will always win me over. This wasn't it, it was just not really one thing or the other, slightly brown, slightly bronze, slightly pink, slightly dirty. The more pinky shade next to that is 'Perfect Day' and the final one is 'Red My Lips' which as the name suggests is red, a very wearable one at that. I feel S&G have really played it safe with the lipstick colours not going too pink, too nude or too red and that's resulted in them being a little uninteresting and in no way unique. On the whole there's actually very little difference between the three shades which was a huge disappointment. Yes, they are probably very wearable though and likely to appeal to any skintone, there just wasn't anything unique about the colour or a fabulous finish (like shimmer or shine) to entice me. Have you bought anything from the cosmetics line yet?


  1. Loving this range so far, the perfect accompaniment to their body and face products :).


  2. Looks nice but the lipsticks are a bit blah. I heard the concealer is meant to be really good so may try that one out

  3. totaly not bloody happy. searched high and low but my boots doesnt have any of the new products............will have to go on a little expo to seatch others shops. Rubbish lol

  4. There's a 3 for 2 on now - it wasn't marked on the stand but when I took two items to the till in Boot stoday it came up! I got Trick or Treatment concealer, Supercat eyeliner and Thick & Fast mascara. Haven't tried them properly yet but they look good so far...


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