Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Shoes: L.A.M.B. Caitlyn Wedges

I posted a quick pic yesterday of the L.A.M.B. 'Caitlyn' wedges I'd ordered from Javari that turned out to be too small. I thought you might like to see them in more detail.
Unfortunately when it comes to ordering US sizes from a UK store, you never quite know what you're going to get, as often the conversion charts can contradict one another. I figured buying a UK 5.5 meant there was a reasonably good chance they'd fit. I expected a US8, but what came was a US7.5 which is what I'd usually consider a UK5 (which by rights should still have fitted).
When I measured inside from heel to toe, just 23.5cm, it confirmed they were extremely small and definitely not what I'd class as a UK5 never mind a 5 1/2. It's disappointing that Javari got the sizing so wrong, although when I look at their chart they do say a UK5/US7 measures 23.5cm which I believe to be 1cm too short based on measurements from my own collection and other charts I've looked at. I regularly measure shoes when I'm selling on eBay and they are never any smaller than 24cm and certainly not if they're supposed to be a 5.5! I could just get my foot in them (only with thin socks on, not barefoot), but it was uncomfortable and I'd always have to wear tights. Anyway, just a warning to size up if you're intending on buying them, Javari do have 20% off currently (see their site for code) and there's a different code on their sister site Amazon if you prefer to buy from there.
I printed off the returns form today, so they will be going back this week. I hate when you've drooled over a shoe for so long then when it arrives it doesn't live up to the expectations : ( The next size available in the black is a 6.5/8.5 and measures 25cm which I reckon would be just slightly too big and I don't want the hassle of perhaps returning another pair that don't fit.
I'm also still a bit undecided with the L.A.M.B. t-bars I purchased the week before. They are pretty, but not show-stopping and I'm reconsidering my 'need' for them. I've also changed my mind about the dress I'm wearing to me nephews christening. The ASOS Salon floral one has such a full skirt and I just feel it's maybe too massive and fancy for this and I wasn't sure what to wear over it or which shoes and I just don't think it's as flattering on me as other dresses (it's so huge, it maybe makes you look huge if you know what I'm much as I love it). Unfortunately I think I'll have to sell it as I just don't see me ever having an occasion to wear it (no weddings coming up) and if I continue to lose weight it's just going to be too big on me anyway.

Instead I'm wearing my lace prom dress by Pearl Lowe which I tried on yesterday and it doesn't have any of the squished boob problems I was having with it when I first got it. I feel fabulous in it and it just seems more fitting for the occasion. I'm probably going to wear it with tights, I just need to figure out the shoes, which is the exciting part! Any suggestions are welcome...I may have to trawl through The Shoe Girl Diaries to remind myself of all the shoes I own!


  1. What a shame, those are cute. They look comfy too, I mean if they fit

  2. These high heels are really nice and i think it is made up of best stuff since it is perfectly suitable for the people that find comfort with style


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