Monday, 31 October 2011

Inspiretty #140

I'm getting back into Inspiretty this week, I promise! I've been stalking this dress since it first landed on the Dorothy Perkins website. Not closely enough though, because it sold out in the ink colour (it's deep navy not black-even more gorge) before I had time to buy it. I've been checking several times every day since in the hope they'd restock it (which they have, but not in my size) and their 25% off promotion ended on Sunday, so I just grabbed the green version (extremely pretty too, but I want both) and will hopefully get the other at some point. I'm rather obsessed with lace, so this is one of these no-brainer types for me. I'd probably love it even more if it had nude lining under the sheer bodice section, but then that wouldn't work on all skintones so I can understand why they didn't do that.


  1. Oh I love that turquoise one! I want!!!!

  2. The green will look amazing with your hair!


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