Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Another super quick post ASOS mag came in the mail today and the first thing I spotted and wanted were these babies. The 'Purr' demi-wedge. I loooooove the print to pieces, I'm not overly keen on the shoe shape though. What is it with the slipper-like footwear trend right now? Where I'm from it's only chavs (or 'schemos/neds' as we say) that go to Spar in their baffies! If it takes off, we'll all be walking around looking like Hugh Hefner, just missing the paisley print dressing-gown! I feel in this instance my love for the print could exceed my dislike of the actual shoe and I could buy it. They aren't available yet (will I have to get on high-alert looking for them like the Ablaze wedge?), but they will be £75. Opinions purlease x


  1. Love them! Reminiscent of the Miu Miu print shoes. I'm not too keen on the shape either but they are adorable! xx

  2. Love the print but not keen on the shape either! I love it when you throw in Scottish (I presume?)words like baffies!


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