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Pearl Lowe Peacocks Christmas 2011

I've just received the latest press release and ladies...mark the 10th of November in your diaries right now because that's when the 8th installment from Pearl Lowe hits Peacocks!
The Christmas drop is always a hit and there's some absolutely gorgeous dresses among the collection. The range as always, is available in sizes 8-18 and you'll find some of the prices are a little higher than we've seen before, although I'd like to think it's justified. First up we have the soft burgundy lace dress as modelled by Daisy above, £50. You may recall the Christmas 2010 collection featured a sell out version of the black lace bridesmaid dress Pearl designed for Daisy to wear at her wedding (the one I'm going to wear to my nephews christening), shown below (top). Well this new dress is an interpretation of the red lace dress (below, bottom) that caused a stir when Daisy was photographed wearing it last winter (sans slip). Obviously the Peacocks version includes a slip underneath to protect your modesty! This has been tipped as the 'star' dress of the collection and initial orders have been increased to avoid customer disappointment.
If I'm completely honest, I love the idea but I'm not sure the quality is up to scratch on the Peacocks version (obviously I'm basing it on these images alone), I can only hope it is better in the flesh. I'd have liked to see more fabric in the skirt for £50 and the slip and dress generally look quite flimsy (I know it's lace which is light and delicate, but do you know what I mean?), the lace fabric looks slightly cheap. I would've liked a fuller look but not necessarily to the extent of last years dress with the netting underneath. The details at the waist are nice and it would've been finished off perfectly with a scalloped edge at the cuffs and hem (like last years dress), rather than the straight hem. Overall though, I'm sure it's the type of dress you'd get a lot of wear out of (could dress it up or down) and the colour is very nice for winter.
This next dress is much more daytime I'd say. Sheer black with little stars all over, £40. It's almost a continuation of the types of dresses we've seen from previous PL collections, you'd wear this all the time. There's something a little 'long in the body' about it that I'm unsure of, but it's a cute enough design, just not one I'd be rushing out to get.
This is one of the slightly more expensive ones at £60. It's very unusual, I love the crochet back and almost faux halterneck design, even if it isn't entirely practical for those of us that require to wear something underneath. I've never much been a fan of velvet though, especially crushed velvet, it just seems too dodgy 80's rock video for me. However, I think because of the shape of this dress and the fact it's black, it may just get away with it. This is a much fuller skirt, which is what I'd have liked on the lace one. What do you think?
Ok, can anyone actually see me in this next one? I can! I love the overall shape, the flattering centre lace panel and button shoulder detail. This one is £45.
This is quite freaky because I saw a spookily similar emerald dress on River Island today, but it had an asymmetric hem. The colour is fantastic for festive party time and it's got a pretty shape to it and I like the draping and corsage from the shoulder. I'm just not sure it's the type of dress I'd get a lot of wear from as it's very statement-y on it's own. And that one is £50.
For this collection, Pearl took inspiration from her all time favourite Christmas movies combining her love of fifties fashion with individual 70’s prints to add her own stamp to the style showcased by Hollywood legends including Deborah Kerr in ‘An Affair To Remember’ and Debbie Reynolds in ‘Singing In The Rain’. She has continued to base her collection on two dominant silhouettes, the fifties inspired prom, and full length bias cut, which is where these next two dresses come in. I don't think we've ever seen a maxi from the PL range and there's two in this collection! Firstly, I kinda have a slight hatred for bias cut, I'm not in the camp that believes it's universally flattering (especially on curvy girls), I personally reckon it clings in the wrong places, widens my bum and hips, accentuates my tummy and doesn't really show off my small waist. However I could forgive all that to try out this oriental maxi, £50. I like the colours, the print and love that shoulder detail. I also think you're getting a bargain for your bucks if that price is correct. It has that genuine vintage feel to it and I saw an image of Daisy modelling it and it looked utterly fabulous, sumptuous even!
Now for me this next dress is the 'star piece' of the collection. How freakin' fabulous is that for the high-street? I'm not going to lie, I'd look a right state in it I'm sure. That unforgiving shade of ivory and the very satin, very bias cut would make me look 9 months pregnant, but I love it to look at. I'm also just going to put this out lovely would it be as a wedding dress? It could definitely pass for the 'real deal' that you'd pay hundreds or thousands of £'s for (why do they add zeros to anything with 'wedding' in front of it? Scammers!), anyway it would look luscious as a bridal gown or special party dress and the price (although the most we've ever seen from PL) is £80. Which I think is justified in this case with the embroidery detail and type of dress it is. Oh and you could have your bridesmaids in the green corsage dresses! Look at me all wedding planner-y!! So what do you reckon? Anything catching your eye?
images Peacocks, candids source


  1. These are gorgeous! I've never bought any Pearl Lowe for Peacocks dresses before (and don't know if I can, anyway, because I'm in Australia), but what is the fit/quality usually like? I would love to get my hands on some of these.

  2. I agree with you about the last ivory number. Would be so gorgeous as a wedding dress but the satin would be sooo unflattering on me. There is a picture floating around and it seems even more stunning on the rail.

  3. Heeeeey! Unfair! I don't like any...EXCEPT....that red velvet looking one with the white collar! Do you know if that will be in the collection in the end? I'm totally diggin' velvet! But not black velvet (yuck :P)...there's a little red velvet tunic in Topshop as we speak that I've been stalking for ages that shall be mine at the end of the month. Too bad I missed the blue version though :( I was hoping for a green one but there doesn't seem to be one showing up so I'll opt for the red one. Perfect for Christmas and New Years eve! :D

  4. I will have to own the teal asymmetrical one and the centre panel lace black one. Although I fear it will be another festival of Polyester, why she can't work in viscose anymore?, I don't understand.
    By the way, you know the giant articulated owl from Primark, I just bought that recently, after weeks of deliberating, now it has become one of my fave things ever! I thought the eyes were black, turns out they are garnet

  5. Oh I hope the red velvet is in as I liked this from the peacocks blog video!!! I like the white but it's just a little to fancy for me!

  6. Z-as far as I know Peacocks don't ship internationally although you can always find the dresses on ebay. The quality used to be great, has beena little questionable with the fabric choices more recently though. Size-wise, I usually find them to be pretty generous.

    Pinkalishy-it's gorgeous isn't it? But yep, would look terrible on me.

    Marlein-Haha, I knew somebody would want that velvet one! As yet there are no plans for it to be produced, BUT I think they would be stupid not to, because every time I see that pic or video of Daisy in it, everybody wants it! That's definitely a velvet I would wear, it's lovely.

    Antigone-Yeah the lace panel one is the most wearable for me, so I'll probably get that. Oh, because you weren't sure of the owl eyes were you? I haven't actually had a chance to wear mine yet.

    Kezzie-hopefully they'll make one like the velvet at some point. Yeah it would sit on a hanger for me that satin one, just looking pretty but not wearable!

  7. i would like 3 dresses but i cant afford all three... the lace red dress, the lace panel dress and the star dress.. what to choose?!

  8. Ordering the Ivory/gold one on 10th as, like you, I think it would make a beautiful wedding dress! And totally agree, for the price, it's SO worth it, and will look like I paid hundreds! (Which is not what I want to do on a dress, as seems to be the norm!). The good thing about this dress is that because of it's classic vintage cut, it will allow the wearer to wear some good underwear underneath. This will mean that the lumps and bumps which satin normally creates should be smoothed out. I may also customise it by adding a layer of fine lace on top of the satin (the dress is so well priced for a 'wedding dress' that the extra money this would cost would be justified). Fingers crossed, but I am so excited to see what this is like! F.A.A

  9. I'm looking to buy the black gold/lace panel dress. Does anyone know if it's 40s style? My Christmas party has a 40s glamour theme but i'm not sure which one to buy. If this one isn't 40s style, can anyone advise which of pearl's dresses are?

  10. Anon-most of Pearl's dresses take inspiration from the 40's, the gold lace panel is the perfect choice for your party though-as it's VERY 40's. I was surprised by the amount of fabric in the panel when I received mine-I expected it to be a small-ish strip, but the skirt is actually quite full and looks great when twirling! Enjoy your party.


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