Sunday, 2 October 2011

Video: Irregular Choice 'Low Level Danger'

I mentioned I had new shoes and here they are! Meet the wonderful Low Level Danger by Irregular Choice. They definitely require video footage rather than photos, to show off the lights. I wore them yesterday (and fell more in love with them than before) and they proved a hit, surprisingly with men of all ages, who just stood, mouths wide open in awe! I picked up my new glasses yesterday, so I didn't have any time to blog, but will be catching up on The Shoe Girl Diaries posts shortly. Enjoy the video...oh and I've managed to get my first 2 'dislikes' for my last Primark haul video. I think that's the first time anyone has disliked my videos anyway. I don't know if it's because the sound is so quiet or if they just found it/me boring, dislike Primark or clicked the wrong button! Not to worry, this is just a short one, so hopefully you'll like that.


  1. Wow! I never had those light up shoes as a kid and I always wondered 'How long do they last?' - do you know how long they keep lighting up for?? I feel very geeky for going into the technical side of such lovely shoes haha. I like your blog by the way although it might be too tempting for me considering I'm trying to stop shopping! :) x

  2. The only thing missing from those is a goldfish!

  3. Oh I love those shoes, love them even more after that video! Wanted to get the on letsbuyshoes but they didn't stock them in my size :(

  4. Oh my lordy! Those are GORGEOUS.

  5. I am positively drooling here. I want those so badly, but I think my Husband would divorce me if I bought another pair of ICs this month. He still doesn't know about my IC Oriental Garden pumps that are stashed in my cupboard after arriving in the post yesterday.

    I grinned like a loon watching your video...cracking choice of music too!

    Very much a 'like' here! XXX

  6. Oh Gemma, that's such a funny video! It seemed like a shoe romance! Did you deliberately time the lyrics to go with the lighting up- it was like the shoes were kissing with fireworks! Mwa ha!


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