Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Swatches & Review: MAC Lipsticks Part 1

I've mentioned for months that I've been compiling a blog post filled with swatches of every single MAC lipstick I own. It's literally taken months to put it all together and thankfully not having a computer for weeks helped immensely because I had time to photograph and swatch (but no computer to upload the pics to!). I'm not saying these are perfect images, but I've tried my best and will include descriptions. I hope I can familiarise myself with the specifics once I start writing this, because it's been a while since I first swatched them. Also since these images, I've bought 3 more lippies that I've not even tried yet and I'm sort of on a MAC no-buy just now. Just trying to stop the obsession ; ) MAC lipsticks have different finishes and I've included that too, they will be as follows (mostly my own words from my experience):

Lustre (L) Usually slightly sheer in colour (not what you see in the tube), glossy, lustre finish. Dark, pigmented natural lip colours can shine through if the lipstick shade is light, however Lustres are slightly more opaque than Glaze lipsticks.
Glaze (G) A shiny finish, with a hint of colour (natural lip colour can shine through as the lipstick colour is not pigmented/intense).
Matte (M) Intense colour, matte finish (get what you see in tube), no sheen or shimmer. Can be drying because of this.
Frost (F) Reasonably good colour pay-off and a frost, shimmer finish. Can have shimmer, sparkles or be duo-chrome (two tone sheen in the light).
Satin (S) Almost matte but with slight sheen, good colour pay-off, smooth colour. Slightly more conditioning than Matte.
Amplified Creme (A) High impact, intense colour with subtle sheen. Very creamy and smooth.
Cremesheen (C) Moisturizing, creamy finish, decent pigment but slightly less than in an Amplified Creme. (FYI my favourite finish)
Pro Longwear Lipcreme (PLL) lasts up to 12 hours without colour fading or transfer. Lightweight texture, creamy finish.
Please note MAC release a colour collection every winter just before Christmas and these lipsticks are usually not categorized into the standard finishes.

The majority of my lipsticks have been bought during Limited Edition releases (hence the special packaging), so not all colours are available in stores currently. However I've only collected MAC for around 4 or 5 years and already I frequently see re-releases of LE shades I have. I have not included which collection each lipstick is from because it will only add to the work I have to do and I'll never get this finished, however if you have a specific question about a select one or two I'll try and assist.
Lipsticks are shown in same order in line-up as in swatches (there just wasn't room to label them). First description is of the colour in the tube, 2nd is of it swatched (S).

Sunsational G yellow gold and same colour shimmer. S-Yellow gold but with slight pink flash from shimmer.
Beachbound G lightest yellow peach with shimmer. S-light copper peach.
Not So Innocent G light beige ivory with pink shimmer. S-very pale, hardly any colour at all, sporadic pink glitter unlike previous G's.
Sunsonic F white light beige. S-more browny depending on light, almost white sheen in other light. Less sheer than the previous G's because it is a F.
Goddess F light silver pinky beige. S-metallic, very pigmented copper.
High Tea L muted browny beige. S-quite sheer, light brown-beige.
Quiet, Please L very light mauvey tan. S-very light and sheer, no noticeable shimmer.
Set 2
Naturally Eccentric L dirty milk, palest ivory no shimmer. S-very pale peachy ivory.
Equality L slightly more colour than NE, lightest ivory beige, no shimmer. S-more a light yellow tan.
Myth S peached, almost neutral nude. S-peachy nude, no shimmer.
Semi-Annual L lightest peach nude. S-comes out more sheer than others, slightly more deeper in colour than Myth although very similar (with different finishes obviously), perhaps more on orange side of peach, but still very nude.
Creme D'Nude C pale neutral nude. S-slight peachy nude, no shimmer.
Close To Real L light beige nude. S-palest peachy, blush nude, no shimmer.
Fleshpot S neutral beige. S-dense colour, no shimmer, heavy dull peach.
Innocence, Beware! C very light pinky nude. S-bright pinked nude, no shimmer.
So that's it for today, it's a lot of information, so rather than bombard you with loads of images at once, I'll just post a couple of sets when I get time and then do a round up post once finished.

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