Monday, 24 October 2011

Video: Primark Haul

Hi ladies! I popped through to Primark today because a) I haven't been for a while and b) I was after some large spot tights. £35 later, out I come with a clutch bag and loads of tights! How is it even possible to spend 30 quid on tights? In all fairness I did get lots, so here's a little video of my haulage. The sound is much better on my sisters camera, so you don't have to turn it up as load as usual. I think posting about hosiery is dodgy territory though as I've already had 2 comments which I figure could be quite smutty, but I chose to gloss over that in case they were genuine (which I seriously doubt). I've just uploaded the video to YouTube this evening and was surprised to have those comments already and one 'like', but logging in just now there's one 'dislike'. Probably from a perv because I'm not prancing around in stockings like they hoped. Grrr! Had a few immature comments about my hair today girl OMG'd and laughed really loudly, so loudly I turned around (and must've unintentionally given her the Gemma-death-stare) then she got all embarrassed that I'd heard her (what did she think the dye had run into my ears and deafened me?) and said to her mate 'oh it's bonny isn't it?'. Yeah right! Then later, a girl came over to talk to me because she loved my hair. She said she was really into gothic lolita clothing and had ordered a wig in pink and blue, but thought my hair had the perfect colours she was after and so we chatted a for a few minutes and that made up for the other losers of the day! Anyway hope you enjoy the little vid, sorry about the chipped nail polish, but I was too excited to get the video up quickly!

Oh and this bird dress that I quite fancied was the only item of clothing that caught my eye in Primark. Unfortunately they had loads of 16's and 8's and 10's but none my size, so I had to leave it. It's a really pretty print though.


  1. I always enjoy your videos. Love the bag what a cute shape. Too bad about the bird dress it would be so cute on you.

  2. Ha! It's funny how when you go to Primark, you pretty much look at or purchase the same things I do.

    I saw that bird print dress today, but decided it was just a tad too short for me. I love those 'trompe loeil' tights but would never wear anything short enough to show off the effect...I'm basically a 200 denier, black tights person, lol.

    I looked at that bird print clutch also, liked it but know I'll never use it, cept maybe to store make-up in. I also have that bottle green faux croc...I love it but have not used it yet.

    I'm currently having a bit of a moment with New Look bags, I dunno what designers they've recently brought on board, but they are knocking it out of the park this season, with design. Some of the bags look so expensive and high end and they are like £19.99??!!, I've bought 2 different kinds thus far, have to restrain myself from buying more.
    Next time you're near a New Look, check them out.
    I love your vids, you should deffo do one a week...and phuck the haters, they wouldnae(see wot I did there, lol) know style if it bit them on the ass!

  3. Previous post was moi. :)

  4. i love the bag, very cute! and i had a bit of a tights spree last time i was in primark, and bought very little else..
    i like the bird print dress but am not sure it would suit me.

  5. Aww I really like that bird box bag! (lol say that 20 times fast hehe). And I reeeeeeally like that dress...I am wondering if they'll get sued by Mulberry for stealing their "Fabulous Finches" print though because it is VERY similar. I have the Dorothy Perkins dress with the birds that was pretty close as well but the birds were different enough...this Primark print is cutting it pretty close though! o_O

  6. Why are none of the cool dresses you post about EVER in a size 8 in my local primark! I'd do you a swap if you foundnd one in 8 and I found one in 18! Love the birdies!

  7. Have to say a MASSIVE THANK YOU to you! I bought the cosy tights following your recommendation and they are the most opaque and warmest tights I own! :D


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