Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Review & Swatches: Soap & Glory Lid Stuff

So I was lucky enough to get my hands on one of the eyeshadow palettes that's part of the new cosmetics line by Soap & Glory last week. Honestly, I'm really intrigued by the whole line because a) I love Soap & Glory and b) I always like to check out new makeup! I haven't had a chance to pop into Boots yet to suss out the whole line, but I'm very interested in knowing if the palest foundation shade will be light enough for me and I'd like to swatch the lipsticks and check out the liquid eyeliner too. There are three different shades to choose from in the eye palettes called 'Lid Stuff', and mine is named 'Off The Wall Flowers'.

They come housed in a palette reasonably similar to MAC with a clear lid, gold lettering, black plastic base and 4 round eyeshadows each 1.5g. Each colour has an individual name and that's written on the back of the compact.
I'd like to think by now that you know me well enough to realise that shimmering teal shade is the one that sent me cuckoo for this particular palette! It's called 'Wild Blue' which I don't think is the best description I've ever heard, as it's definitely more in the aqua, teal, turquoise camp than straight blue or green.
Anyway after having a quick swatch, I was first of all struck by just how soft these shadows are. Velvety soft in fact and after applying on my eye yesterday I can say they are very easy to work with and blend beautifully too.
The lilac shade Sugar Violet is a soft matte. Minky (the one with the logo) was probably my favourite when swatched, a shimmering dirty champagne colour. Wild Blue is a shimmer too, but less pigmented than the others, I was a little disappointed by that. I had to apply much more shadow than the rest to get a decent amount of colour in the swatch, but it does appear to be buildable. The last one is Dandy Plum which is more a glitter than shimmer, as the name suggests it's deep plum with sporadic silver glitter.
All images are taken without the flash on the camera I borrowed from my sister (nope still not bought a new one yet)! The top row of swatches is applied over Too Faced Shadow Insurance and the bottom is alone. As you would expect the colour is more intense with the base, but just slightly.
Finally, here's the look I created yesterday using the palette. I took Minky all over the lids as a base, stopping just before my eyebrows (above the crease). Sugar Violet was then applied up to the crease with Dandy Plum in the outer corners and blended into the socket. I also took a little along my lower lash line and some Minky in the inner corner.
They mostly applied as expected with the exception of Dandy Plum which didn't show up any glitter. I expected the odd sparkle, but I couldn't see that. I really found the colours to be buildable, Sugar Violet wasn't quite as vivid once I had finished my makeup, so I swiped another couple of layers over the top and it really intensified the colour. The shadows lasted all day and when I took my makeup off at night (after maybe 12 hours), there was no creasing at all and no fading that I could see. The palette claims to last for 8 hours without fading, creasing or flaking, so I can wholeheartedly verify that. In this instance, I wore Urban Decay Primer Potion underneath.
I think I'll try out the teal shade today and see how that goes. In the meantime, here's a rundown of yesterdays makeup. FACE: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation (IC1 Shell) with Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation (115) worn sparingly as a concealer, Pout Loose Powder (Translucent) and Models Own Blusher (Warm Glow). EYES: Urban Decay Primer Potion, Soap & Glory Lid Stuff (Off The Wall Flowers) as detailed above, Lancome Crayon Khol (01 Noir), L'Oreal SuperLiner (Carbon Black) and No7 Exquisite Curl Mascara (Black) and I also took a little through my brows too. LIPS: MAC Lip Pencil (Naked Liner) and E.L.F. Studio Matte Lip Colour (Tea Rose).
The Lid Stuff palettes can be found in Boots for £10 along with the complete Soap & Glory cosmetics range. There's also a handy list of which stores launched when on the S&G Facebook page if you'd like to check that out. I hope you enjoyed this post and let me know if you've spotted the new line in your local and if you're considering buying anything.


  1. Seriously how do you get your eyeliner so perfect?

  2. Well i went to test the foundation as S&G cosmetics just came into the falkirk store today. I was all excited as their lightest foundation is called 'lightest of them all' it was too dark for me unfortunately :-( it is very light but my skin is just ridiculous! I think it will be fine for you as the two foundations you are wearing in this post are also to dark for me (insane). But i bought the mascara, liquid liner,daily double pencil in velvet pink/brownie and lid stuff in whats nude :-)

    Jo xx

  3. doh, the foundation was 'fairest of them all' what am i like...

  4. pinktutu72-there was me thinking it was a little squint there, haha, thanks-well I think it's just practise and either L'Oreal SuperLiner or Lancome Artliner, are much easier to use than other ones. I just always was able to do eyeliner though, even as a teenager, my first efforts at lipliner were another story though!

    Jo-oh no, I had high hopes for it. Well I just bought the ELF Studio Flawless one and it's waaaay too dark. 'Porcelain' my ass! You must be super pale if 115 is too dark on you, I find it's almost the exact match of my skin but makes me look ill if I wear it all over. EL is usually slightly too dark but most days it's passable. I'd bought Lancome Teint Miracle and was annoyed because the lady had said it was a good match, but it's too dark too. Money down the drain! I can only wear it mixed with the Illamasqua one.

  5. i know, im really white so that foundation could be for you! i had to mix 115 with 100 but i didnt like the rich liquid formula! the only foundation ive found that matches me is lily lolo porclain! id lilke to try illamasqua skin base in 105. I know what you mean, money down the drain, the amount of foundations ive bought and the money ive wasted is insane from high end to low end trying to find a match...

    Jo xx

  6. The Soap & Glory make-up looks promising, I will have to have a gander at my behemoth local Boots next time I'm in town.

    I'm done buying eye-shdow palettes where I only dig one colour though, those days are OVAH to the max.

    By the way, have you spied any of Gok Wan's collection for Sainsburys and if so, what did you think?

  7. Great post, I love your hair! x

  8. love this, the palette look amazing and the color payoff looks great, hope u can follow my beauty blog,

  9. Oh I love Wild Blue too :O I am maybe too old to wear it to work but I am going to get this pallette anyway!!


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