Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Soap & Glory...Cosmetics!!!

Major news, my favourite skin and body care brand, Soap & Glory have only gone and brought out a cosmetics line!!! I am sooooo excited, I could wee! From what I can see online it looks fabulous and I pretty much want to try out every single thing. There's eyeliners, primer, lipstick (hello Naked Beige), eyeshadow quads, highlighter, blusher, mascara, concealer and a 2 in 1 energizing foundation and primer ('The Fairest Of Them All' come to mama). Exclusively available at Boots, the range will hit stores on 13th October, but some of it is available online now (a lot is out of stock unfortunately).

This is massive news for me, being their biggest fan (fact)-I'm sure I don't need to repost this image from January 2010 of my rather huge S&G stash (but I will because it looks so cool)! I pretty much always have a backup stash around this size and would panic if it ever ran low! I've bought even more items since then and have really got into their skincare as well as exclusively using S&G for all my body pampering needs! CANNOT wait to try the cosmetics dudes!!


  1. i cannot wait either, i love soap and glory!!! their face masks and scrubs do the job and make my skin feel fab where most other similar products dry my skin out and make it tight and uncomfortable, they are great quality!

  2. It's hard to find S&G stuff here. I have a little S&G bag that I found at Target before I found out how fabulous they are, but now I can't find they're stuff

  3. How amazing! I am so in love with Soap and Glory stuff. Super excited about the new make up line!

  4. i'm absolutely thrilled with this new launch too!!!!!! i did actually jumped off my chair LOL if i have the chance to get them, i'll also try out every single one of them!! sadly i cant get s&g's stuff here in Hong Kong :( but i'll definitely stay tuned with your blog for your fabulous reviewssss! :)

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