Saturday, 5 November 2011

Some News

Hello! Did you notice that River Island now ship worldwide? Eventually! Great news for my international buddies that love their shoes! More details available on their website.
I took a quick look at the 'behind the scenes' Pearl Lowe for Peacocks video on their site. First thing I spotted was the crochet back the video, it's a completely different colour. I don't like it, I prefer it all in black. Wonder which one will hit the shops next Thursday?
I've not been up to much this week, just trying to get on with things. I eventually ordered both colours of that Dorothy Perkins lace dress I liked...tried the green on quickly last night and wasn't that keen on it. So disappointed because I had my heart set on it, but it squishes my boobs but feels too big around the waist and shoulders. Will have to properly try it and see.

Been waiting for the Models Own Beetlejuice collection to come out, then missed the launch date! Not to worry, the next day I managed to order a few and it was Aqua Violet I was most interested in and thankfully it wasn't out of stock. I've been so frustrated with waiting for parcels to arrive this week though. I've been waiting on a pair of shoes for an entire week and expected my MO order yesterday or today as it was dispatched not long after I purchased, but my polishes still haven't turned up : ( I have no patience!
What have you been up to this week? Bought anything nice? Also if you could all just take a few seconds to check my YouTube page and let me know if the two animal rings videos I posted yesterday are working for you. Usually some countries are blocked depending on the music you select for your hasn't caused too much trouble for me in the past until these. I can see and hear them both perfectly well, so I'm surprised to hear that even some UK peeps are struggling to view them. If they still aren't working, I'll re-upload them with no music and hopefully that will rectify it, because I spent ages making them and wouldn't want them to go to waste. Have a good Bonfire Night tonight!


  1. I bought the Pearl Lowe lace velvet dress yesterday and it indeed all black :D I was confused by the video when i saw it in a different colour! unfortunately they didn't have the cream "wedding dress" though which is what I went for to wear to my wedding argh :(

  2. So happy about River Island shipping to Aus! It had to start on an off pay week of course - too broke to buy anything!

  3. I managed to forget about the new Models Own polishes as well but managed to get all but one of them (the coppery brown?) from their site yesterday. I was mostly after the emerald black one so was pretty pleased to get hold of it! :)

    I'm hoping they make me remember to actually replace my nail polish before it goes all Courtney Love and chips off all over the place!

  4. Oh that's quite good about RI...FINALLY! Geez, took them long enough :P But £6 is quite high for shipping these days...I'll see if I'll order anything from them as Asos offer quite a lot of their stuff aswell and they have free shipping :P


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