Wednesday, 12 May 2010

My Yesterday

I've got lots to blog about including these amazing new River Island Design Forum shoes. They photographed very well, so look forward to those pics. My MAC Marine Life High-Light Powder arrived today, which was quick (at least something good came out of paying more than retail for it!). It is stunning and I'm glad I don't have to worry about tracking it down-although my sister is going to Glasgow at the end of the month and if they still have it in stock then, I'll be spewing! Yesterday I went shopping and it proved a rather unsuccessful trip. I went to Boots to look at the No7 Decades collection in person (and to use another £5 voucher), however there were lots of spaces and I felt rather underwhelmed by it all. I checked Barry M for the Mushroom Nail Paint (thought it would be a good idea to compare when I was wearing Topshop Big Smoke), but they didn't have it. Also my sister was telling me that our local Boots have all new, fancy, makeup stands. They now stock Miss Sporty and Models Own, so I expected the larger store I was visiting to have the latter too (they already have Miss Sporty), but they didn't-another disappointment! MO have fabulous nail polish colours, so I was keen to check them out, especially seeing as I more often visit this store than my nearest. I ended up leaving without buying anything!
Then came the most major disappointment of all. I popped into Schuh to try on the new Irregular Choice floral court shoes that I blogged about last week. I asked for a 5 and 6, because I wasn't sure which would fit better. I tried the 6 on first and could only (after much struggle) get the right foot on, so I knew the 5's were out of the picture. The problem is that the rosette lies half on your foot, half on the shoe. It's very rigid and doesn't really lift or move out of the way while you try to get your toes down and into the shoe. My foot literally wouldn't move or go underneath the rosette. The assistant was very helpful and asked if I'd like to try the size 7 (jeez, 2 sizes bigger!), so I did. I managed to get my foot in, but they were slightly too roomy (only slightly) and would slip off my heel when walking. She asked if I'd like to try a heel grip or half insole, but I said I'd have to think about it. I was so disappointed, soooo disappointed. I don't know if I had on tights if it would be easier to slip my foot underneath the rose (or perhaps my toes would curl under and refuse to go in!). You know when you're in a shop though and don't really want to play around with the shoe in front of the assistants, I felt like that! I'm pretty sick of the sizing discrepancies at IC though-it's so hard to know which size to purchase and there shouldn't be a difference especially within the same shape of shoe. I also think the rosette would irritate if it's digging into your foot when wearing. I can't tell you how much I want them though, they are so pretty, so I'll have to think about what to do.

We also popped into TK Maxx where the shoes were absolute sh*te (definitely no cheap IC's here), then to Matalan where the shoes/clothes were almost as bad. I used to love Matalan for shoes, but they are rubbish now. I'm starting to think the same of the Topshop website-I used to want all the shoes on there, but they've been crappy for months. How was your yesterday?


  1. ah that's such a shame about the ICs! Indeed, so stupid they have those big differences between the different models!

    My yesterday wasn't eventful...just work.

    Today my Jeffrey Campbell wedges arrived after waiting almost 1,5 months...and the delivery guy took them away again...grrr...I have to pay customs charges, which I kinda guessed I would have to as the parcel was in customs for aaaaages (6 days!) according to tracking. Ends up I need to pay €35 which is fine...only I never have cash, I always pay by card...I assumed they would have some way of getting around paying by cash like with a portable card-machine-thingy or something, because you would think heaps of people don't have cash in the house (specially since you never know just how much you have to pay...or if you have to pay at all!)...but nooooo now he's going to come back on Friday and I have to pay cash, and off he was with my parcel...%#$@! I hate the postal service over here with extreme's like a freakin' third world country or something! :S

    Ah well...rant over...but I think you of all people will understand my frustration hehe

  2. Oh no that's so annoying! My sister and I ordered 2 packages from the US a wee while ago and we didn't know how the customs charge would work. It was delivered by DHL and we took the package without a charge. Then a couple of weeks later we got a letter and you could either pay online or at the bank. It was around £20 and we never got another letter for the 2nd package, so I don't know if that was both together or if they ignored the other one!

    I'm really stuck with what to do with the IC's. I don't know whether to just get the size 6's and hope I can wear them with tights and play around with them, so they are a little more flexible or something.

  3. yeah I was expecting something like that as well...seems more logical!

    I think you should get the ICs in 6 and maybe 7...take em home and try them out some more, take your time to decide if they're worth it to keep...if they're wildly uncomfortable then maybe it's not quite worth it and you can take them back :)


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