Saturday, 6 November 2010

Oh My!

It's Saturday and what does that mean? Cupcakes from Bibi's, yipee!! I tried the chocolate/peanut butter one today, sickly and yummy (it actually had a blob of peanut butter in the sponge).I'm in a bad mood today rather than depressive (is that better?), I didn't sleep well and this is probably too much information for you but it's that 'time of the month' (a whole week early no less) and it's left me tired and grumpy and I just want to hibernate (which I do most days anyway)! A little miracle did happen though-I was busy taking photos of my Dolce and Gabbana wedges for eBay and decided I would have one last attempt at trying them on....and they actually fit! How did that happen? I was so excited by this that I immediately snapped some photos which I apologize in advance for-my pedicure has been untouched for weeks and I haven't shaved my legs since last weekend and I also rolled up my PJ bottoms (which thankfully you can't see or else all my fashion cred would diminish). They feel much higher than they look-although I think that's more apparent in the final image.My River Island and Topshop orders arrived today but ASOS didn't (and it's supposed to because I asked for it today as a Premier customer). Anyway, how's your weekend(s) been so far? Any crazy Guy Fawkes parties and bonfires? Wonder how crap X-Factor will be tonight?


  1. omg! give me the crunchie one! xx

  2. My sis ate that...I had the mini victoria sponge too!

  3. I wasn't crazy about these in your last post, to be honest, but they look absolutely stunning on!!! Congratz with fitting into them after all! :)

  4. I think they can look quite clumpy, but on the foot, they give such a fabulous curve-thanks for commenting.


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