Sunday, 21 November 2010

Dark Lipstick Swatches Part 3/3

The final installment of the dark lipstick swatches, you'll find part 1 here and part 2 here. These are probably some of the darkest of the bunch. In all of these posts, I've tried to take photos of the lipsticks in a light that you can see roughly what colour they are, but if I were to show you an image like the one below, you can see just how dark they really are.
Versace Hydrating Lipstick in V2010-C (discontinued I think), very pigmented, opaque, plum purple.
Pout Two Timer (discontinued) this is a lighter, brighter purple with pink undertones and a shimmery metallic quality.
Urban Decay Vinyl, looks dark purple in the tube, but is actually quite sheer with rosy tan undertones and sporadic shimmer. I hate the scent of UD lipsticks, it's liquorice and stinks! What's worse is if you lick your lips, never, ever do that, it's disgusting!
Playboy Stiletto Lipstick 61 Exposed, this particular lipstick is supposed to be sheer, it's a browny wine shade.
MeMeMe Ultra Duo Double Colour in 6 Naomi (discontinued I think, has a pink shimmery shade on the other side), a thick pigmented colour, wine burgundy.
Topshop Lips in Ruthless, black in the tube and has a definite black tone to it but is actually very deep purple, you'll get a really strong gothic look with this, has a lovely velvet matte finish.
Revlon Super Lustrous in 663 Va Va Violet, this is my newest addition and is purple but more burgundy than Topshop and is very buildable, so you can achieve a lighter look with this if that's preferred.
NYX Round Lipstick in 503 Medusa, this feels much more slippery than the others, it's very glossy and has sporadic shimmer throughout, it's blackcurrant jam colour.
Calvin Klein Lip Color Wash in Wine (discontinued), another sheer lipstick, although it's darker than the Playboy one, a browny wine. I've paired this in the past with a really dark lipliner and achieved a very dark lip (my profile pic).
Barry M Lip Paint in 92 Chestnut Red, just look at how opaque this is! This is like a pleather, thick brown pigment and will give you that precise vampy lip that you so often see in the beauty pages of magazines. It's definitely more vamp than goth.


  1. Been looking for to right vampy lipstick for ages, so thank you!

    1. glad this post helped, thank you for letting me know: )


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