Tuesday, 30 November 2010

The Big Freeze

I've spent most of the day babysitting my nephews, because Mum couldn't get to their house due to the weather. My sister finished work early though because of the snow, so came to pick them up a short while ago. I'm absolutely knackered now though-they are ridiculously tiring! It's like a ghost town here with no schools in and businesses and shops shutting early and from what I hear there isn't going to be much let up, with more snow to come! My Dad managed to get stranded at Granny's last night and I'm so evil I didn't have much sympathy for him. It wasn't necessary that he travel, so he shouldn't have gone out in my opinion! The buses apparently stopped at 7pm, so he was left shivering at the bus stop and shouting down the phone at us. He had to wait for a taxi and it cost £25, so lesson learned there I reckon! I've been so tired I haven't made it outside into the snow, it's a pity I hadn't taken photos before it turned all slushy and patchy. When snow is falling, I think it's just the prettiest thing and when it's all swirly you feel like you're in a snow globe, it's so cool.
I'm getting slightly frustrated that all the parcels I was expecting haven't turned up yet (or indeed any mail today), even our Tesco delivery was cancelled (yep, we're going to starve). I reckon I have about 4 or 5 orders currently 'in transit' (i.e. stuck in snow!). I keep adding to my wishlist too (for when I eventually repay what I'm due my sister-which is going to be next year at this rate). I'm really wanting to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear foundation (maybe 1c1 Shell, above), I've heard great things about it. After browsing the site there's several more items I'm adding to my list-they have some fabulous gifts sets for Christmas just now. The incentives of free delivery and samples with every order is extremely enticing too!
There have been so many great Eyeko offers that I wish I could've taken advantage of, over the past few weeks. Today on the site is another (brand new selection) Big Surprise Gift Set for £10 instead of £20. Remember to enter my ambassador code E11752 on all orders and spend another fiver and you'll get a free gift. The gift set is only available for 48 hours, so don't delay!

I'm refusing to take any more photos for the blog until I sort through the masses I already have for reviews and things. I've been so disorganised lately, taking photos and then forgetting or rather finding something else to post about and pushing the original to the back of the queue! I hope you've all been watching my shoe haul video and I'll be posting better quality images next of that for you. There probably won't be any updates to The Shoe Girl Diaries for the next few days as it's too slippy for me to get out. Happy St Andrews Day to all my Scottish lovelies and let me know how the weather is with you just now, wherever you are.


  1. I've tried Estée Lauder Double wear and it's good but, I prefer Lancôme Teint Miracle! I recommend it to you, if you haven't tried it already!

    I'm a new subcriber but, I love your blog >.<

  2. happy st andrews day lady, snow is not knee deep round my way ( seccl) but the ice is a shocker, I am actually in the middle of deciding whether to get the double wear light but I just am not sure to take the plunge!


  3. Aah, I had a sample of the Lancome one but don't know where I've put it. It'll be too dark for me, but it would be good to see if my skin likes it, all the same! Welcome and glad you like the blog, thanks for commenting!

    Ooh, don't like ice. My sister was literally unable to move on Monday walking to her work because it was so slippy, she just stood there wanting to cry! The snow just keeps on coming though, so it's not really getting a chance to clear. Yeah, the fdnt is meant to be really good at covering and doesn't irritate acne prone skin (which is essential for me), I've become obsessed with trying new foundations lately! Thanks for commenting and let me know if you decide to take the plunge!


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