Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Lanvin Loves H&M-All The Pics!

Did you see the Lanvin for H&M pics last week? Did you, did you? Utterly amazing, an entire range I'm genuinely excited about-minus the fact that the online sale starts at 7am (on 23rd November) and I'm never, ever up at that time. I doubt any of my locals will get stock of this collection either. As I mentioned last week I'm so fed up of limited editions and battling virtually (or otherwise) for a nice piece of clothing, accessories or cosmetics. It's taking it's toll on me and taken the fun out of shopping. That said, this range is just so 'wow' that I'm almost tempted to waken from my slumber earlier than usual, for a chance of owning part of it. You have to remember this is designer heaven at a fraction of the designer price.
If you haven't seen the images, then I've detailed almost everything here (there is also a selection of man clothes, that I couldn't be bothered sorting through)! Please don't copy these images-go and get them yourselves, as it's taken all day to piece them together! I have no idea about the sizing of these, if they run small and if they go up to an 18 or not. In all honesty I haven't shopped for clothes in H&M for the past couple of years due to not finding anything either in my size or that fits. As with most of the designer collaborations at H&M though there is also a fabulous selection of accessories if you don't fit the clothes. The shoes (£69.99) are absolute Lanvin through and through with that gem encrusted heel and are bound to be super popular. There's lots of jewellery too, long leather gloves (£29.99) which I really like, lipsticks (4 shades apparently), bags and sunglasses.
The collection will launch at the perfect time (for party season) as Lanvin do evening wear so well. You'll spot shapes and prints that you'll swear you've seen on the red-carpet, because the styles are just so true to the real thing. What I'm loving about this collection is the clashing colours and wild shapes that are accessorized to the max and shouldn't work, but so do! It's worth taking a look at the H&M website to see how they've styled the range and there's also a fabulous video that I was hooked on! It's bold, fun and extravagant without being garish.
The absolute must-have, stand out piece for me though is this grey tulle dress (£149.99 also available in red). I could actually start crying every time I see it, because it's so darn pretty. Although my style combines a lot of different elements, it is essentially always going to be princessy and fairy like, so swishy skirts and layers and layers like that just bring tears to my eyes.
If party dresses aren't quite what you're looking for, you'll also find cheeky t-shirts (gorgeous), skirts and plenty of winter coats and jackets.

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  1. Oh the collection looks fabulous, there are some shoes I want there!! :)
    (and a tee and a dress..) xx


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