Monday, 1 November 2010

Barry M Discount Code

I try to vary my posts a little, so I apologise for bombarding you with yet another beauty post and a nail polish one more specifically! However the main angle of this is for the fabulous 30% discount code that Barry M are offering for today only. I bought their latest nail paint colours last month and took photos of this manicure a few weeks ago (but haven't got around to editing them until today), so I may as well kill two birds with the one stone, as they say (pretty cruel if you ask me!).
This is Dusky Mauve 313, yep the Chanel Particuliere dupe. I can always rely on Barry M to recreate the Chanel nail of the season every time, love it! I can't personally compare it to Chanel, because I don't own it, but there are plenty blogs out there that have compared and swear it's a complete doppelganger. I expected more shimmer to be honest, from other peoples images I saw a strong shimmer, that I didn't really see in my manicure. I added top coat and it stayed chip free and super shiny for an entire week. I found it's one of these polishes that makes you stop and admire your nails all the time, especially with it being so opaque and shiny.
It's this really odd shade, essentially purple but with a taupe, mink flash. When I first saw it in the bottle I thought it looked similar to Mushroom 310 (until you compare the two side by side). On the nails it's definitely more purple than taupe (although the opposite in the bottle). I've tried to capture the two shades in the bottle (hopefully), it really reminded me of Lancome's Renergie Morpholift serum, this subtle shimmering purple with taupe tone depending on which way you hold it-although I don't think my camera found them similar at all!
I also got Indigo 312 which is very similar to Rimmel 60 Second in 810 Blue My Mind although I haven't had the chance to use the Barry M one yet. It also had completely the same effect through my camera lens as the Rimmel, turning pure blue instead of the purple it really is. It's very strange why cameras do that, but I've heard other people mention it too-it can be really frustrating seeing one colour with your eyes and a completely different one through the lens!
The code you need to enter on the site is LIKE30 and it's only valid until midnight tonight. Look a couple of posts back to see my fabulous manicure using the Instant Nail Effects or use the search box or click 'Barry M' below to view more of my purchases/products if you're stuck for ideas. *update: I've ordered the blusher brush, lip paints in 147 Peachy Pink, 150 Pink Suede, 73 Mulberry and 92 Chestnut Red (I chickened out of buying the black)! I also got the matt white nail paint to use with my Instant Nail Effects.*


  1. yay I have them both (wearing indigo now)! I reeeeeeeeeally like Dusky Mauve, my new favorite for autumn :)

  2. I have the dusky mauve but not tried it yet. It looks fab on you xx

  3. Ye, totally in love with dusky mauve!


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