Saturday, 13 November 2010

Pearl Lowe Is Out!

Yep, the Pearl Lowe Christmas collection at Peacocks is out now (a day early), so head over right now or regret it! I don't see the full collection, but there's free delivery when you spend £40 so it's worth ordering what you can for now.
The range is more expensive than previously, it cost me £130 for the 3 dresses I got (Cherry, Peggy and Honey), it's probably more on a par with Topshop, Miss Selfridge etc. I left the pink Tracey dress as I'm just not sure how it's going to look on me and can't afford it anyhow. The black lace one Pearl wore with the cream trim that I wanted, isn't there (neither is the gold crochet dress), so I was disappointed with that, but they'll hopefully add it at some point (when I can afford it). I am now shutting my eyes to the cute animal jewellery Topshop got in today and the MAC Tartan Tale stuff and anything else, that is absolutely it for me-I'm going to be paying this off for the rest of the year! My sis by the way was happy I got the boots, she was back at her work and couldn't text me back, phew-happy dance is on!


  1. Hmmm it's so annoying they don't ship internationally! If they shipped here I'd probably order the pink dress to see what it looks like on :(

  2. If I'd had any money left, I would've bought the pink one for you to try : (

  3. Aw thanks! :)
    I was thinking of asking you, I would give you the money before you ordered and then the shipping costs when you knew them but before you shipped it to me, or wouldn't that work?
    I checked the returns policy which is 28 days after delivery so I'll have enough time to be able to send it back myself if it didn't fit/look nice for a refund.
    But I'm a bit curious about the crochet dress...maybe I'll like that better. I was hoping it would come online today as the launch date was today but it's still not up.

    I wrote them a facebook message that they should do international shipping...but they didn't answer and I then "disliked" them again as they kept posting stuff about X-Factor which was sooooo annoying and useless lol


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