Thursday, 4 November 2010

My Bling Rings

Mum and I went shopping on Tuesday, more for her than me. We're both trying to get our Christmas shopping done early (I already have half my presents-smug whoop) and Mum was looking for clothes for all of my cousins children. I wanted to pop into Primark to look for that dress I mentioned last week and also River Island and Topshop to look for some jewellery.

We were speed shopping and managed to get nothing I was looking for! Primark was rubbish...didn't look like anything new from last time I was there (a few weeks ago) and no sign of that dress or anything like it, so we just zoomed in and back out again. It's funny how sometimes you can spend a fortune in there and other times feel completely uninspired. So next stop was the jewellery stand in RI-looking for the peacock ring I saw on their website and also the bling duck ring, that I really wished I had purchased online rather than waiting until it was out of stock (seemed silly to pay p&p for one little ring though). They had a few animal themed things that I liked and generally all their jewellery is so amazingly sparkly that it's really, really difficult to leave without buying anything.
I almost screamed when I saw this little panda ring, he's chunky and has the cutest l'il face and randomly is holding a pearl! They only had small or medium (and that didn't even fit my finger), so I went for the small to wear on my pinky or above my knuckle (although it looks better on the former). I didn't even hesitate to look at the price (£12.99).
I was really taken with a beautiful panther or leopard jewelled bangle. I'm not sure if it was that one or one similar, but it was really weighty and felt 'expensive', gorgeous! This chunky bone bangle which opens and fastens with a pin also caught my eye-had a real vintage feel. I like bangles that open because I have large hands but smallish wrists and all too often can't get them over my hand to my wrist (nowadays I tend not to even try for fear of getting it stuck!). Next my Mum spotted this skull ring with sparkly bracelet attached. Unfortunately it only came in one size, so the ring doesn't even fit my smallest ring finger and it's too big for my pinky (not to mention it would look silly because the harness wouldn't be in the centre). I think it still works worn halfway up my finger though. By this time the daylight (or complete lack of today) was fading fast so I could only salvage some images of it on my hand-can you see the little dangling skulls, crosses and pearl droplets? This one was £14.99, total £27.98...which seemed like a lot for two things but I think I'm permanently on Primark prices! I couldn't have left that panda though-love it!
Then I decided once I got home I may as well order the peacock ring online, the colours are just stunning. I also got this jewel encrusted dog ring which I mistook for and am convinced is really a pig (look at it's snout and ears). Other items I managed to avoid instore were this lioness ring (too similar to my Primark panther one), this double butterfly ring, which was so heavy and so sparkly, as was this triple ring panther, stupidly though the rings were much the same if not the exact same size, so didn't fit any of my fingers. The only way I could wear this was above the knuckle and I'm sure that would be super annoying not being able to move your fingers at all! I notice online it comes in different sizes which I hadn't noticed instore. Online I also was tempted with this fox ring, really unusual, but I'm not sure how it sits from that photo and I'm already spending a fortune on things I don't really need right?

Topshop didn't have any of the items I was looking for, so I ordered the trapped unicorn cameo and swan rings as well. I was quite annoyed the next day, to see some of the items I ordered last week half price yet again in the sale-although as luck would have it, if I'd waited I'm sure they would be sold out (like some things were). I also notice the nude crystal leggings have completely gone-whoop, whoop, hopefully my pictures inspired some people to buy.
P.S. My Dolce & Gabbana wedges finally arrived today-absolutely stunning and....they don't fit. Too tight. Pissed off! My Prada satin shoes I got the other week were also too tight, so I'm not a happy bunny.


  1. OMG I love that panda ring, going to track it down i think. I seem to be river island's biggest fan atm, went into two different ones on my way to wales this afternoon, and only found 1/5 of the things on my list so i can feel an order coming on!

  2. I'm not a big fan of 'bling', but I am a fan of your panda ring. In fact, I came across these funny accessories this morning, and I thought you might like them.

  3. Pandy is mega cute-a must have!

    Daisy they're sooo cute-love them, thanks for that!

  4. Asos has had a lot of 'new in' animal jewellery as well. Including one of those gorgeous claw rings. Rrrrrr...

  5. I have to admit, I got the panda ring last week and am not that impresssed with it's quality :(
    So far the poaint has scratched off the middle of the bead as it touches the panda when it moves, and various gems have come off..
    Sadly I no longer have the receipt, or I would try and swap it.

  6. Oh no, that's not good news : ( I've only worn mine once so far-but I thought he was really decent. My others arrived, the dog/pig is ok, not nearly as cute as the panda and the peacock is pretty.

  7. I just wasn't that taken with the random dog-pig?!
    I do like the panda, and will wear it anyway :)


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