Monday, 15 November 2010

Senso Wilma...Glitter! Scream!

Just when I get over my delight (and stress) of buying the pink leopard Wilma boots by Senso, Solestruck only go and announce that the style will get a glittering makeover for Christmas!
Yep, in black or pewter (plus a top secret colour-oh please let it be bright pink or not), the shoes are yet again extremely limited. Only 40 pairs per colour to be made-major eeeeeeeeeek! I'll still be paying my sister back for the leopard pair so will unfortunately be unable to 'compete' for the glitter pairs (sucks). Delivery is expected end of November/beginning of December...let the battle commence!
Also, I'd like to update my blog roll>>>>to the right. So many of my followers have fantastic blogs and sometimes, I forget the links, so if you have a fashion, beauty, fatshion or shoe type blog and enjoy visiting mine and would like to be featured in my links, then please comment on this post (with blog link and blog name). I'll give you until the beginning of next week.


  1. Oh the pewter shade is FAB! Your leopard pair are great though, so don't feel too disheartened.

    It would be lovely to go in your blog roll :)

    It's Odd Socks and Pretty Frocks at

  2. I love these. they sort of remind me of a much sassier version of my favorite shoes (
    my favorite things ever!
    i would also love to be on your blogroll:
    it's Naily Daily

  3. ha...I had seen this on their blog (not with pictures though) just after you posted that you had finally been able to buy the leopard ones...I was doubting if I should tell you or not because you said you had noooooooo money at all...eventually thought it would be a bit cruel to tell about the glitter ones so I didn't haha ;)

    I do like the leopard ones you got more, but that's because I reeeeeeally don't like glitter shoes (no, not even glitter Lita ;)).

  4. Yeah still think my leopard pair are better than the glitter!

    I love those Miss Selfridge shoes, I've posted about them before but unfortunately missed out on both the spotty and flowery pairs : (

    Will update the blogroll now ladies!

  5. I am soooo waiting for you to show the pink leopard ones!! Have been lusting after them quite a bit lately. Love to see how they look on!

  6. Oooh sparkles! I love your blog and I share your passion of shoes and enjoy seeing you show off all your shoes. I'd love to be on your blog roll =]

    The Shoe Addict -

  7. These are gorgeous!

    I would love to be on your blog roll as my blog is quite new and I think our fashion tastes overlap... it's Tripping Over My Toes at

    Thank you for being so thoughtful!


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