Thursday, 25 November 2010

Pearl Lowe Gold Crochet Dress

The 'Melanie' gold crochet dress is now available from the Pearl Lowe range at Peacocks in sizes 8-18, £40.
The sold out Peggy lace prom dress is available again in limited numbers (every size apart from 12). Now all I need to know is if they'll ever add the black lacey one Pearl wore to the launch...


  1. I wish I liked any of the pearl lowe collections :c I always have high hopes but there's never anything that would suit me...

  2. Agree with Rai, the material quality sucks on all the ones I've seen in the stores, and I'm a bit odd cos i won't buy something if i don't like the feel of it..
    Can't say there's any I'm particularly lusting after from this collection :S

  3. At least that one is a return to viscose. It doesn't appear to have that much hanger appeal, perhaps it looks great on??, would be tempted to purchase this, if in black or teal.

  4. I am a massive fan of this range and although I've been disappointed with some items recently, I still mostly find the cuts flattering and the styles great.

    This gold dress isn't really 'me' though. I definitely think I would need to see it on somebody, but not me...I had a similar type of dress years ago when I was thin and I always felt huge in it!


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