Thursday, 18 November 2010

Some Updates...

I've updated the discount code post I made the other day as there is 25% off everything at Evans (today only) and 20% off at Wallis (today and tomorrow), see that post for more details. Also an update to the Clinique offer. I'm also still updating my blog roll, so if you have a style (beauty, fashion, fatshion) blog and would like your link on mine, then please leave a comment with your blog name and link.
A little update from Eyeko-you now have to spend £15 to qualify for their Ambassador code or online code gifts (but the gifts have generally been of more value since the change). They have some great value sets currently on the site in limited stock. Remember to enter my code E11752 with all orders and if you don't like the current Eyeko site gift (or perhaps you already have it, then don't enter any other code and you will receive a free surprise gift (when spending £15) just by using E11752). If you do like the site gift then enter that in the comments box (this week it's GLITTER for the free glitter eyeliner shown), plus enter my code where it says 'ambassador code', so they know I've sent you (and I earn some pennies from every order I make), whoopie!

Speaking of whoopie, we've become obsessed with whoopie pies in our house! We bought some at the weekend which were absolutely gorgeous, then Mum baked some more. They turned out way bigger than expected, so half is more than enough for me. Will this be an end to the cupcake obsession? I doubt it!
Part 2 of the dark lipstick swatches will be coming shortly and my Pearl Lowe dresses arrived yesterday from Peacocks!! I was super excited. The lace one is STUNNING, it's a little tight over the bust for me and I'm not sure what to do about it. There's a white slip/lining and if that wasn't there it would probably be ok (albeit sheer, but I could wear a camisole underneath). The slip isn't removable though, it is attached at certain points of the dress including the back zip, so it's not really something I can simply cut out. I'm not keen on the slip anyway-it's a little 'cheap'...I'll have to see. There are layers and layers of tulle and linings, so it really sits all puffy and full and I love the scalloped hem. The white (black lace bow) one is cute but I'm not used to wearing white and I'm very self conscious in it, but perhaps with a slip underneath (and control pants!) I'd feel better. The black one is another gorgeous one, I didn't realise the amount of beading in it and it's very flattering-hopefully some images to follow when the lighting is better. If you're pondering whether or not to purchase, I say if you've got the money, go for it! The dresses I bought were very good quality and although I tend not to spend that amount on one dress, it was worth it in this case. I did feel the sizing wasn't as generous as previous collections or maybe it's me getting bigger (whoopie pies to blame)!
Also, where the hell are the other 2 dresses? I really want the one Pearl is wearing and Peacocks haven't replied to my facebook messages, grrr! Was that pink dress always £50 btw? I notice it is today (I thought it was either £40 or £45).

Finally The Shoe Girl Diaries-I'm really, really missing posting every day. The truth is, I forgot how little I leave the house in the winter (it's been roughly once a week if I'm lucky), so I just haven't been wearing proper clothes or shoes. It kinda sucks though because I see all the lovely items I've bought recently and I'm not getting any wear out of them. I fully intend to get back into a routine with the blog though, because I love doing it (and I need to break the rather unattractive pj bottoms/no makeup look) stay tuned and thanks for still visiting the archives every day.


  1. I saw the lace dress the other day, and I really didn't like the slip at all, it looks really cheap like you said. I was really disappointed to be honest, in the promotional pictures the underskirt looks a green-blue colour and its definitely white. Hmmm.

  2. I'm completely underwhelmed by the new Pearl Lowe collection, this Xmas stuff and the one prior to that. Why??, well it's not that the designs and cut aren't amazing, it's the fact that every single thing is made out of polyester. I bought the black dress from the collection previous to this, buttons down the centre, sheer fabric-sorry I can't give a better description-, but I'm sure you have it, so you'll know what I mean. Anyway, it is a booootiful cut and fit, however I nearly burst into flames whilst wearing it, I kid you not, it was the most uncomfortable fabric I've worn in a long time. Most of Lowe's previous collections were made from Viscose, which is at least breathable, I wish she would go back to that fabric, it also washes better than poly also.

    What say you?

  3. Steph, I agree the slip ruins it. I'm not sending it back though because I love the outer dress so much! I just need to figure out how to do something about it. With the blue and white polka dot dress from a few collections ago, the slip under that felt much nicer...lately they've been almost Primark quality though (I'm always chucking out the Primark slips under dresses) and should be better for the price of the garment.

    antigone-I completely agree, I much preferred the collections in viscose. The lace dresses (black in last collection, cream in the summer) were really cute but the polyester lining is atrocious, it's so stiff and 'noisy' and really cheapens the dress.

    The white and the black dresses I bought this time feel much nicer though (even although they are poly), they are very weighty and hang well and don't feel cheap. I hate to say it, but I think as the popularity of these collections has grown, they've started cutting corners...although there is no denying the dress designs are still enough to make me want to buy.

  4. Hi,
    I have just received my peggy dress today and it fits perfectly except for the white linig over my boobs!!! Like you say if it wasnt there it would be fine as there is still lots of room in the lacey bit but the hite lining aquahes my boobs an dmakes them square!!I was wondering what you had decided to do-I was thinking of just cutting the front top bit off and you could wear a black bra underneath and leave the white lining around the back of the dress and the bit that goes around the midriff-sounds a bit confusing!! The next size up is too big and I love the dress so don't want to give it up just for that!! Any advice would be welcome :0)

  5. ribenaberri7...I'm still undecided with what to do, I considered just cutting out the front of the top of the slip but because it's strappy, I'd have to do away with the straps too and then somehow finish off the raw bits that would be left and figure out if the back would sit without the straps (it would perhaps require the odd stitch to the lace to keep it in place. I don't know if I unstitched the back section if that is one seam to attach the lace, slip and zip, because if it is, removing the back slip would involve reattaching the zip afterwards. If you just cut the slip out, you would be left with a tiny section of white fabric sewn into the zip and because the lace is sheer, it would probably shine through and look untidy. Aagh, here's me with a clothing degree and I still can't figure it out! It's so annoying, because I just want a simple solution rather than altering the entire dress (I hate alterations, I'd rather make the dress from scratch).

    I agree about keeping the middle bit, because then the netty underskirt is kind of attached to that and that seems like way too much trouble to sort out. Unfortunately I got the 18, so can't go any bigger though.

  6. Me too Ladies! I got my lace prom dress today (been away for a week) and it squashes my bust too. Plus I have a long body and the waist is a bit too high for me. My Mum is a dressmaking genius so maybe she'll know what to do with it when I see her next. (If she has a good idea, I'll let you know!) I can't bear to send it back (and even if it wasn't sold out, a bigger size wouldn't fit in other places).

    I also got the pink pleated dress and it makes me look like Ann Widdecombe on Strictly - again, it does nothing for my bust so that's going back. Shame, because I have got so much of the PL range and the other stuff fits me really well. Maybe the Fashion Gods will be kind to me and I'll manage to snag that tulle LanvinH&M dress...


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